Bruce W. Gray and Samantha N. Jason purchased 9 Quansoo Road in Chilmark from David M. Ford for $770,000 on Dec. 28. Rose Apple View LLC purchased 5 Herring Run (portion of lot 6) and 7 Herring Run (portion of lot 9) in Chilmark from James F. Reynolds TRS and Rose House Nominee Trust for 3025000 on Dec. 28.


Jacqueline Friedman purchased 1 Oakdale Lane in Edgartown from Deborah T. Colter TRS and Thomas Nominee Trust for $1,250,000 on Dec. 19.

Iron Bank Development LLC purchased 2 Dark Hollow Lane in Edgartown from Martha E. Glennon for $457,500 on Dec. 19.

James F. Reynolds TRS and Outer Banks Nominee Trust purchased 5 Edgartown Bay Road in Edgartown from When Pigs Soar LLC for $1,200,000 on Dec. 19.

Paul J. Wheeler and Cristina B. Lavin Delgado purchased 15 Maqua Way in Edgartown from Louis E. Stephens TRS, Louis E. Stephens Jr. TRS, Karen Stephens TRS, Karen D. Stephens TRS, and L & K Stephens Living Trust for $2,835,960 on Dec. 19.

Craig G. Vought TRS, Marie Bendy Vought TRS and CGV Kazoku Trust purchased 12 Janes Cove Road in Edgartown from Thomas M. Hout TRS, Sonja E. Hout TRS and Hout Family Janes Cove Road Realty Trust for $5,300,000 on Dec. 19.

Gina Caruso purchased 41 Winter Street in Edgartown from Edward M. Hoagland and Edward J. Kuchinski for $1,500,000 on Dec. 20.

Peter M. Kumpitch TRS, Peter M. Kumpitch Revocable Trust-2015, Joan M. Kumpitch TRS and Joan M. Kumpitch Revocable Trust-2015 purchased Beach Road (Lot 60), Seaside Ave (Lots 75 & 76) and Harbor View Ave (Lots 77, 82, 83, 84 and 85) in Edgartown from Susan M. Geresy, Anne W. Meigs and Anne M. Higgins for $1,375,000 on Dec. 20.

Edward J. Sanson Jr. and Suzanne Sanson purchased 11 Plantingfield Wood Cir. in Edgartown from Black Point LLC for $2,025,000 on Dec. 20.

Charles C. Hajjar TRS and Edgartown Inn Realty Trust purchased 56 North Water Street and 60 North Water Street in Edgartown from Michael J. Messina TRS and Earle K. Radford Massachusetts Trust Agreement for $5,000,000 on Dec. 21.

Indianhead Penny LP purchased Katama Road and Ocean View Avenue in Edgartown for $5,000 on Dec. 27.

Martha C. Espinoza Perez and Adarlecio Salazar Do Amaral purchased 60 Pilgrim Road in Edgartown from David A. Cardin for $510,000 on Dec. 28.

Dianne V. Durawa TRS, Thomas A. Durawa TRS, and Goss Tuchen Realty Trust purchased 15 Martha’s Road in Edgartown from Barbara F. Marcus for $799,000 on Dec. 28.

Oak Bluffs

Margaret G. Richlin and W Gar Richlin purchased 31 Old Harbor Lane in Oak Bluffs from Yu-Ming Wang and Rebecca Kao Wang for $2,150,000 on Dec. 19.

Goodale Construction Co. Inc. purchased 208 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Oak Bluffs from NStar Electric Co, Eversource Energy, New Bedford Gas & Edison Light Co. and Commonwealth Electric Co. for $280,000 on Dec. 20.

Eversource Energy purchased 194 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Oak Bluffs from Goodale Construction Co. Inc. and NStar Electric Co. for $280,000 on Dec. 20.

Amanda Skinner and Kalter Blauvelt purchased 137 Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Noelle Juergen for $550,000 on Dec. 24.

Mark and Meara Saloio purchased 53 Columbian Avenue in Oak Bluffs from John and Lisa Reagan for $690,000 on Dec. 27.

Donalalexander Goss and Saide Burton-Goss purchased 2 Irving Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Stephen W. Douglass II and Jeanette Douglas for $635,000 on Dec. 28.

Vineyard Haven

Michael Anthony Brown purchased 62 Weaver Court in Vineyard Haven from Roger B. Steward TRS, Carol A. Steward TRS and R & C Stewart Family Trust for $1,365,000 on Dec. 27.

West Tisbury

Faren Worthington TRS, Oliver Osnoss TRS, and Osworth Realty Trust purchased 56 Old Courthouse Road in West Tisbury from Kyle A. Rothery for $972,600 on Dec. 20.