The weather in Aquinnah is a little off beat these days. With less than 10 weeks of winter remaining there has not been a significant sign of snow, just a slight dusting here and there. On Monday morning it was a mere nine degrees warming up to 41 degrees during the day and then down to the 20s again by evening. Then there was rain over the weekend at least filling the ponds for the possibility of ice skating later this winter.

Sunshine arrived on Wednesday morning, after torrential rain overnight with lightning that happened to zap the transformer across the street at about 3 a.m. It was so loud the entire household was awakened. Thanks to Aquinnah police officer Steve Mathias for his quick response to view the situation and to make sure there wasn’t a fire on the pole. By 8:30 a.m. the power was back on thanks to the Eversource crew, and all is well.

At the Aquinnah Public Library tomorrow the kids craft will include sewing a beautiful needlepoint snowflake with yarn and a paper plate — no sharp instruments involved. Snowflakes will be the theme every Saturday during January at the library.

Elexis Wildanger will be hosting a foster family recruitment event on Saturday, Jan. 12 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at 3 Poplar Lane in Oak Bluffs, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Hear from current foster parents and social workers. Elexis has been a longtime foster parent and will share with you her rewarding experiences. Snacks will be provided. RSVP at 508-760-0275. Walk-ins are welcome too.

Congratulations to Belinda Booker who was appointed a full-time paramedic with Tri-Town Ambulance making a total of six paramedics for Tri-Town.

Congratulations to Tri-Town Ambulance Chief Ben Retmier who was married this past week to Elyce Bonnell at the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena. Andre Bonnell informed me a few weeks ago that he would be performing the marriage ceremony for his daughter but neglected to inform me that it would be on ice as they skated their way into wedded bliss.

Susan Klein will assist you in creating your family cookbook with her class A Pinch O’ This - Dash O’ That in celebration of the Keepers of the Hearth. Classes will be held on Tuesdays from Jan. 15 through March 5 from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Tisbury Senior Center.

Happy Birthday wishes to Blanche Jackson who celebrated on Jan. 8 as did her neighbor Nancy Hawes; BM2 Joel Behr partied on Jan. 9; Jan. 13 is a day of celebration for Brian Athearn, Marilyn Manning and Edie Baker; twins Jocelyn and Dillon Woods will be 13 years old on Jan. 13 and their mother Megan Rajala will party on Jan. 14; Bangii Bellecourt, Faith Vanderhoop and Carol Mayrand share the day on Jan. 15; Thomas Murphy, Esq. celebrates his special day on Jan. 16 sharing the day with Chester Cook; Jesse Wiener will party on Jan. 18, sharing the day with Tyler Jeffcoat; Ciara Seccombe, Ruth Major, Anthony Vanderhoop and Carrie Anne Vanderhoop Bellis, and Marcia Valentzas all celebrate the day on Jan. 19.

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