Lindsay Patterson Allison posted a note on Facebook that she had just ordered quail for delivery this coming July. These birds are provided by Wareham Quail Farm over in West Wareham at 150 Fearing Hill Road. They raise them from their own laying hens. If others are interested, you can contact John at 508-295-5528 or on Facebook under the name Wareham Quail Farm or email at to reserve your own flock of voracious tick eaters.

The minimum order is 30 and a deposit of $1 each is needed to reserve them. It’s a mom and pop five-acre farm that started operation way back in 1990. I inquired about the price of quail but their son who does the quail raising operation is away until the end of the month. Regardless, I think that it would be good to get your order in now. When you consider that they are going to make it so much less likely that you will contract a tick-borne disease, they are worth their weight in gold. Plus, they are fascinating birds.

The next potluck supper at the CCC is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 23. Hosts are needed for future potlucks. Please call the center at 508-627-8222 to sign up.

The past several days have felt like the dead of winter. There is very little traffic on the ferry. So far there has been no ice on the salt ponds or harbor. If you are feeling that winter is going on forever, consider that the first day of Spring is only 10 weeks away. Tax returns are due in just 13 weeks. Memorial Day is a mere 19 weeks away.

Don’t forget that on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 20 there will be a lunar eclipse. The partial phase begins at 10:30 p.m. with maximum total eclipse just after midnight. The moon will take on a red/orange hue during the eclipse, hence the name blood moon.