The Tisbury School, Sunday brunch alcohol sales and MVTV were all on the docket for Tisbury selectmen at their regular meeting Tuesday evening.

Town resident Paul Lazes presented ideas about possible improvements to the Tisbury School after asking to be placed on the agenda. He advocated a renovation of the existing school with additions of extra classrooms or eating space above the gymnasium and in a separate addition.

“Anybody in the building industry will tell you you can’t even get masons to build a building that well anymore,” Mr. Lazes said of the existing structure, which was built in 1929.

Selectmen will have a joint meeting with the school committee to discuss the future of the facilities on Jan. 14.

Town administrator Jay Grande said he received an inquiry about extending the hours for servng alcohol at the Black Dog. Currently, restaurants cannt serve alcohol until noon on Sundays. Selectmen asked Mr. Grande to find out what the process would be for changing the hours to 10 a.m. and to reach out to other brunch restaurants to gauge interest.

Selectman and board chairman Tristan Israel asked that MVTV give the town a budget review twice per year. MVTV is funded through an agreement with Comcast.Tisbury is the only town that does not have a contract with the nonprofit television station that allows funding to pass directly to them from Comcast.

“I know other towns do it differently, but I like it this way for our town, and I don’t think it’s created much of a burden for MVTV,” Mr. Israel told MVTV town represenntative Bob Tankard.

Building inspector Ken Barwick reported that the Martha’s Vineyard Museum had cleared the necessary inspection hurdles with the town.