The third annual women’s march will take place Saturday, Jan. 19. Buses are going from the Cape to Boston, from Boston to Washington, and we shall have our own here starting from Five Corners. I truly hope this is the last one we shall ever have to schedule. Get the scoundrels out. The future is female.

I do so love Dr. Roni DeLuz and regret the fire at her property last Friday. So glad everyone is safe. This incident addresses the housing problem on this Island and the financial inequity of the Haves and Have-Nots. It brought to mind a great movie Jamie Alley at Island Entertainment recommended to me years ago. I called Annie Evasick, (she who knows all about cinema), and she confirmed for me she still has the movie in stock. The title is Bread and Chocolate by director Franco Bruscati. I recommend it as a study of workers living in another country and trying to do their best.

Today is National Do Nothing Day. As soon as I finish this article I intend to follow the protocol.

So many good things happen when you get over yourselves and ask for help. I reached out on social media last week to ask for a ride from New York to the boat as I had a very sick dog here. Thank you to Jeff Petre, Amtrak and Diane Hartmann. I was able to return home in time to be with my Lil’Bit. Many others offered but our schedules did not match up. However, George Stein of Queens, N.Y., got in touch. Turns out, although I had never met him, he has been coming to Martha’s Vineyard for over 30 years. We have many friends in common. Darned if he did not drive up Tuesday for a quick visit. We had a wonderful dinner at JB Blau’s Sharkey’s Cantina in Oak Bluffs. Between New York and the Island we found many connections. And the food was delicious.

The West Tisbury school students continue with their efforts to save the environment. Last year it was plastic bags. This year it is plastic bottles. There will be a meeting at the West Tisbury library at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 24. All are invited.

Closer to home, meteorologist Will Broussard, a year-round observer on Mt. Washington, will present an interactive show for grownups and kids at our Vineyard Haven Public library on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. Incredible photos, explanations of this bone-chilling cold, and refreshments will be served. All are welcome. All library programs are free.

Our famed photographer Mark Lovewell reports daughter Emma is garnering kudos for her life’s work in nutrition and physical therapy. That girl is a star.

So much sadness in so many families. My darling, Lil’Bit, passed at home with me on Friday, Jan. 11. She was my true companion for 14 years, four months. Her brother Silvio and I are bereft. I thank the many people who have sent condolences.

My friend Peter Wuerth told me that his 11-year-old companion, little Rose, passed this week. Our condolences to him. She’s probably playing with Lil’Bit right now.

Good friend and neighbor, Angela Murphy, has sad news. Her devoted Rosie, an adorable little kitty, passed yesterday after giving the family many years of devotion. Pope Francis says we shall meet all are pets in heaven. I am counting on it.

Keep your eyes out for the lunar eclipse, visible on Jan. 20 and 21.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along my friend Heliliani Josimar’s son, Anthony Coelho, on Sunday, Jan. 13. Anthony is now 12 years old. I remember when he was born. Anthony, you take the cake! Many happy returns.