Hard rain’s gonna fall. Sure did, Bob Dylan, most specifically on our Five Corners last weekend, claiming a victim compact car that had to be towed. I am so grateful to all our police departments that post road updates when we have weather or road construction.

I was so cold for the past five days I began rethinking where I spend my winters. I need another island. Perhaps Jamaica?

Meanwhile, Sunday’s games kept me under a pile of blankets on the sofa. Both in overtime! And I am fully on the side of the Saints. I hear eye doctors in New Orleans are offering free exams to the refs at the game.

But our boys were triumphant! Now, as we say, do your job. I thank all my buddies who stayed up communicating with me during the excitement: Andy Salsa Aponte, Angel J. Pinto, Tracey Cruz, you know who you are.

And my friend Tamma Cimeno chimed in from Texas. Tamma was done with the cold and flew to San Marcos to spend some time with her daughter, Ashley Byrd, son in law, Sam Byrd, and grandson Jude. Pats fans were repping everywhere. Many in better weather.

So, the shutdown. Ridiculous. Let any of these privileged people see what living paycheck to paycheck is like! We now have a do-it-yourself government. Why are our armed services unfunded? Another thing, why is the Republican National Committee sending me appeals for money? Don’t they read my posts?

Margaret Penicaud announces a free movie and spaghetti dinner at Good Shepherd Parish on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 5:30 p.m. RSVP at 508-693-2797 or mvgspmarianpilgrimage@gmail com. The movie is Apparition Hill, and is about six children in the village of Mediuggorge who have reported seeing the Blessed Virgin. I’ll see you there.

Amazing artist Albert O. Fischer has a show of his work at Vineyard Playhouse. The show continues until Feb. 1. He is a true Renaissance man. Do not miss this.

There was a good turnout last Saturday for our Women’s March from Five Corners to Washington Park. I am sad to say I didn’t make it. I do resent health problems that often confine me to being an armchair activist. Who sang, I Ain’t Marching Anymore? I promise to see you all at the next one. Someone might have to push my wheelchair.

Condolences to my Arizona friends who used to live here. Matt and Annie Howes, along with daughter Bridget, have lost their dog Carson. Carson passed last week after a long and happy life. I am sure he’s running around heaven with my Lil’Bit.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along George Stein on Jan. 30. That’s when George takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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