Real estate transactions Jan. 21-26.


Francis V. Cunningham, trustee of Two Chockers Lane Realty Trust, purchased 2 Chockers Lane in Chilmark from Scheuer Family Properties LLC for $3,400,000 on Jan. 23.


Rebecca R. Pouliot, trustee of the Black Cap Nominee Trust, purchased 26 Bayside South in Edgartown from Andrew P. Houlahan for $11,250,000 on Jan. 24.

Oak Bluffs

Judith Lee and Desmond Lee, trustees of the Lee Paddock Realty Trust, purchased 29 Paddock Road in Oak Bluffs from The Preserve at the Woodlands LLC for $550,000 on Jan. 22.

Travis Pachico purchased 23 Wachuset avenue in Oak Bluffs from Michelle C. Bettencourt and David C. Bettencourt for $381,000 on Jan. 25.

Vineyard Haven

Caitlin Burbidge and Jared Salvatore purchased 15 Herring Creek road in Vineyard Haven from Monique Belair and Kristofer Granger for $695,000 on Jan. 24.

John Dawson purchased 382 Franklin street in Vineyard Haven from James G. Raycroft for $655,000 on Jan. 24.

West Tisbury

William J. Devine, trustee of the Allen Warner Family Realty purchased 37 Sixth street in West Tisbury from Myron A. Warner 3rd, personal representative of the estate of Allen Warner, for $250,000 on Jan. 22.

Tara J. Whiting-Wells, trustee of West Way Realty Trust, purchased 61 Music street in West Tisbury from Irene Sugano, trustee of Frederick Newhall Woods Vineyard Land Trust, for $550,000 on Jan. 25.