10 Moshup Trail LLC purchased 10 Moshup Trail in Aquinnah from Marianne Durgin Trs and Frank H. Durgin II Trust fro $2,150,000 on Jan. 31. Chilmark

Michael F. Correira and Jean M. Correira purchased 8 Smith Lane in Chilmark from William H. Smith for $900,000 on Jan. 20.


Schoohouse Trust purchased 143 South Road in Chilmark from Old Chilmark Schoolhouse LLC and Dominque Callimanopulos for $1,050,000 on Feb. 1.


Michael Wallace TRS and Wallace Realty Trusty purchased 456 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Edartown from Nathan B. Hope TRS, John G. Briggs TRS and Briggs MV Realty Trust for $280,000 on Feb. 1.

Cassidy Look, Christopher S. Look III and Leslie A. Look purchased 8 Jernegan Avenue, 11 Tenth Street South and 15 Tenth Street South in Edgartown from Ubaldo C. Miller and Christopher Miller for $650,000 on Feb. 1.

Susan C. Drop TRS, Raymond J. Drop TRS and Susan C. Drop Revocable Trust purchased 18 Navy Way in Edgartown from Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation Inc. for $465,000 on Jan. 30.

Oak Bluffs

Genie Zeigler purchased 2 Pennacook Avenue, Unit 101, in Oak Bluffs from Robert D. Dimler and Charles G. Burt Est., for $500,000 on Jan. 31.

CRZ Inc. purchased 10 Hidden Cove Road in Oak Bluffs from Faini Renato for $290,000 on Feb. 1.

Very Lamb LLC purchased 13 Norris Avenue in Oak Bluffs frm Lloyd G. Francis, Nicole R. Anderson and Patricia Doryne Anderson Est., for $292,500 on Feb. 1.

Vineyard Haven

Jason M. Dyer and Brittany M. Kruciak purchased 32 Boxberry Avenue in Vineyard Haven from Channon Capra for $585,000 on Jan. 29.

John J. McElroy IV Trs purchased 59 Dudley Street in Vineyard Haven from Diane H. Purvis and Bradley Kent Purvis for $1,200,000 on Jan. 31.

Hans Riis and Hyunah Riis purchased 168 Lake Street in Vineyard Haven from Charles T. Felder for $700,000 on Jan. 31.

West Tisbury

Maurice Dore TRS, Susan Dore TRS, and Skiffs Barn Realty Trust purchased 20 Skiffs Lane and 0 Old County Road in West Tisbury from Nina Isabella Harris, Jonathan Herbert Harris Est., Jonathan H. Harris Est., Kathleen Stillo and Kathleen M. Harris for $725,000 on Jan. 29.

UMB Bank NA TRS and Trust for the Benefit of Jessie Benton Lymon purchased 18 Solviva Road in West Tisbury from Anna Edey for $1,425,000 on Feb. 1.