The markets were full of shoppers buying food as if it was the day before Thanksgiving. Every snack with salt, sugar and childhood memories was dropped into the basket. Patriots plates and napkins and last minute T-shirts were a delightful addition. And then we waited. The buildup was intense all day, and then it was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

But New England won, and Tom Brady remains the Lord of the Rings! There were smiles at the parties, in the streets, in the sports bars, and friendly exchanges in taxis and on buses. No one does school spirit like New Englanders. Same time, next year, at the annual New England Invitational.

Some Islanders went off to the victory parade in Boston on Tuesday. Gisele Nascimento was one of them. She posted great photos of the fans, and captured the camaraderie. The boats returning after the victory street party were laden with Pats swag from the main event. I join all those urging that election day be a national holiday and the day after the Super Bowl be one as well.

Tamma Cimeno called from Texas. She and her daughter, Ashley Byrd, hosted a great party with homemade treats. Tamma’s back is out from days of cooking. Mine is out from days of eating. Looks like Super Bowl party food all week. But sports continue on-Island. Our high school varsity vanquished Sturgis West at a home game this week, 76 to 28. Proud to say Aidan Rogers of Vineyard Haven is on the team. Stop in at Brickman’s to congratulate his Mom, Kristen Jenkinson. Kristen announces that Brickman’s has a great off-season sale going on. I get a kick out of saying hi to Kristen, then doing the same next door at the Main street convenience store where her daughter Hailey is on duty.

We don’t neglect the arts. The Tisbury school presents Alice in Wonderland Friday and Saturday nights this weekend. My buddy, Mary Afton Crandall snagged a role as a dodo bird. There is also a tribute reading for Judith Neeld at the poetry cafe on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse.

Mercer Kelly spent two days off-Island at Upper Cape Cod Tech taking cooking classes. I can vouch that it is every mother’s dream to raise a kid to be a good cook. I’ll be happy to test your work, Mercer!

As for visual arts, Jack Ryan not only photographs great Island sunrises, he also has an exhibit up now. Jack was trained at Pratt Institute. His fine meticulously drawn scenes of New York city are on display at our MVTV studio through February.

Back to edible art. The Vineyard Haven Public Library is offering a chocolate truffle making lessons at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9, for ages 12 and up. That’s another place you will find me.

Many of our friends are down with minor or major surgeries, that nasty Island cold, pains and aches of the season. Warm wishes for quick and complete recoveries go out to Corinne Dorsey, Susan Shea, Mikey Waters and Carole Vandal.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Jacob Miller on Feb. 1; Mark Shea partied on Feb. 2; and on Monday, Feb. 4, two of the most beautiful women, inside and out, I ever met, Lillian Marie DiMartino and Laurie Thompson, took the cake. Many happy returns.

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