Well, Sunday night featured an intensely exciting Super Bowl game. Traffic in town was nil and the Stop & Shop markets had a brisk Sunday selling food for the game. The Patriots victory over the Rams, holding them to just a field goal was nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations to the team and coaches on a well deserved victory. Everywhere anyone went Monday it was the number one topic of discussion. Business at Chilmark Chocolates has been brisk. Be sure to remember your special someone on Thursday with dinner at a restaurant, candy and flowers.

Marjorie Pierce of Music street reports that the Wednesday night community suppers at the church continue to be very popular evening. The food, she says, is mighty tasty. In fact, last week they fed more than 50 people. Everyone is welcome no matter where they may reside on the Island.

Spring is getting a bit closer. Susan Block of Music street reports that before the extreme cold last week snowdrops were about to burst into bloom in a small section of a once thriving garden down at the Frank Adam’s place.

Jen Wool spent an additional six days out West. She had been in South Dakota with her friend Lisa. But weather and government shutdown messed up her return schedule. She was able to catch a flight to Denver, Colo. and very cleverly looked up a couple that was married at the Blue Barque two summers ago and they happily invited her over to see them. She says that the folks out in the midwest are kind and fun to be with. She is now back in Burlington, Vt. and had dinner last night with Lisa Bartlett. She is so sorry to have missed Cynthia Riggs’s Groundhog Day party.

Anna and I made a business trip to Boston last Friday with a side trip on the way back to visit the grandchildren in North Attelboro.

Old friend Henry Goethals died last week. He enjoyed his trips to his old cove home every year. Our condolences to his son Alex.

The MV Dems hold their monthly meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m, in the Howes House. Joel Paul, chapter leader for Cape & Islands Voter Choice, will be the guest speaker.

Olivia Larsen over at the librar, reports that on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. join them for the Sunday jazz concert with the Jeremy Berlin Trio. On Monday at 7 p.m., the library will host its monthly Writers Read evening. Sign up to read in advance by calling 508-693-4307. On Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. public health nurse Lila Fischer will give a presentation about how mindfulness/meditation benefits our health. At 10:30 a.m., David Rhoderick conducts a classical music appreciation class.

Tuesday marked the 46th anniversary of the nomination of pitching legend Satchel Page to the Hall of Fame. He was the first veteran so honored from the Negro League. Satch was also well-known for his sense of humor and observations on life, including: “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you” and “age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Happy birthday to: Elaine Barnett, Beth Carr and Kate Warner today; Paul Thurlow, Harold Lawry and Alley Estrella tomorrow; Brook Zern, Peter Fohlin, Wade Simmons, Kathleen Tackabury, Nick Andre and Cathy Minkiewicz on Sunday; Bev Bergeron, Deirdre Ling, Sabrina Luening and Laurie Sherman on Monday; Jill Amado, Elton Nascimento, Ken Kramm, Abe Lincoln, Sandra Polleys and Connie Hyde on Tuesday; Albert Fischer, Michael Bigby and Vincent Lenza on Wednesday; Beth Toomey, Chris Morse, Gayle Stiller, David Schuster, Don Evon and Michelle McCormack on Thursday. Belated Birthday wishes to Alan Gowell. Just 42 years ago Thursday, Tim and Eileen Maley were wed at the Field Gallery.

Well, that is all the social news for this edition. Please call or email with news you wish to share with others. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and a great week.

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