After a long and cold and boring winter I see sure signs of spring. Lil’Bit is buried near some of my annual snowdrops which erupted two weeks ago. My flock of turkeys is waking me earlier each day for breakfast. They are no doubt preparing for spring forward on March 10. That extension of light will save a lot of us. And yesterday I had a songbird on my back deck, waiting patiently with the Turks for a winter brunch. And the Red Sox truck made it to Fort Myers! Next Monday is the start of our school kids winter break. After that it’s all sunshine and flowers.

If you cannot get away with the kids next week be sure to check our bowling schedule at Barn, Bowl and Bistro, our library offerings, and our movie list. Island businesses are great at offering specials during our school vacation week.

Congratulations to my colleagues at this newspaper who won so many prizes at the annual New England newspaper awards. Special shout out to Paul Karasik for his first prize in graphics. His rendering of Alley’s general store is amazing and must be seen.

Other Island artists are on the road. Mark Alan Lovewell is headed to Oregon for a sea chanty music fest. I am always impressed by Mark’s vast repertoire and knowledge of this classic art.

In this Black History month I would like to mention one of my favorite comedians, a woman ahead of her times. I first met Moms Mabley when I was four years old, staying at my Grandpa’s for my annual summer week in Greenburgh, N.Y. Giacomo had a little clothing and shoe store. On good days the neighborhood men would set up a card table in front of his store and play checkers, chess, cards and dice. I found this fascinating and was pleased they invited me to watch. Sure enough, Moms would saunter down the street. She had a joke, a pun, a bon mot for everyone, including me. At the time I didn’t realize how famous she was and how hard she worked. She was just our Moms in the neighborhood. I hear Whoopi Goldberg has done a documentary on her. That is on my to-be viewed list.

Fish Fry Thursday night! I had so much fun at last month’s I am going again. Tricia Bergeron and her hard-working crew present fish, coleslaw, cornbread, mac and cheese and dessert Laughs and friendship. Be at the P. A. Club from 5 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 21. All you can eat. I am bringing guests. If my friend George Stein can get out of Queens he will be there, too. George loves the Island, especially off season.

The Martha’s Vineyard Vegan Society has taken firm hold on-Island. A free vegan lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the P. A. Club. There will also be a give away of fruits and vegetables. I’ll see you there.

The P. A. Club was also the site of a beautiful reception for the Laursen family on the passing of their dear son, brother and husband Christopher Laursen last Sunday. We continue to mourn and celebrate with Peter and Marie and the many friends of Christopher.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Mary Lee Waldron on Feb. 16. Charlotte Strople celebrated on Feb. 18. And on Feb. 23 my nephew David Gardella takes the cake. Many happy returns.