It’s like a ghost town on the Island with school vacation week. Many families have checked in from Disney World, warmer climates, and some hardy souls from skiing in New England. Open and free bowling remains in place at Barn, Bowl, and Bistro until the end of vacation. Remember our library programs and the Food for Fines collection still going on.

I enjoy the postings by the Tisbury police departnent of the officers visiting the shops in town and taking photos of the work staff. It’s a great way to meet our officers.

Carol and Jim Osborn have had a busy year. Carol observed her birthday in November and prepared for retirement from the Martha’s Vineyard Savings bank after 20 years. Jim had his September birthday and prepared to end his years at the Martha’s Vineyard Times. Not to say they are both not busy. They have taken on the project of house renovation at Rod and Hilda’s lovely home on Pine street. Meanwhile, their grandchildren, Bella, age 13 and her eight-year old brother Noah, have made a great transition moving from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven. They easily fit in at the Tisbury School. And 16-month-old Everett is practicing his walking and talking. Most of the family met in Indianapolis for the Jan. 19 wedding of Michael and Valerie. Michael’s brother, Chris Osborn, traveled with his wife, Lisa, from their home in Norway to attend the wedding. No moss grows on the Osborns!

Tamma Willoughby has just returned from a month with daughter Ashley. San Marcos, Tex., where Ash lives with her husband Sam Byrd, and their son Jude, now four. Jude is all big boy now, styling in an adorable pair of cowboy boots that were once my son’s. Tamma led Jude in planting the garden. She already had bountiful produce by the time she left Texas. Jude’s grandparents, Dan and Kathy Loisel, live close to Ashley. They always give Tamma a warm welcome and include her in great activities. Tamma returned with some ceramic work she produced there. She has a talent.

The Gig for Gigs is an annual event put on by the rowing club of Sail Martha’s Vineyard. The party is Saturday, March 2 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the P.A. Club. Join us for a silent auction, raffles and prizes, and the music of Gordon Healy and Friends. Admission at the door is $10. I am amazed by the strength and dedication of the young rowers. My friend Emma Mayhew is on the team. I’ll see you there.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Jeff and Susan Petre on March 3.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Jeff Petre on Feb. 25. Martha Nichols Leite claimed Feb. 26. Carol Tankard Giosmas and Ross Swiriduk shared Feb. 27. And on March 2 Leide Prata DePaula takes the cake. Many happy returns.