The tragedy on all Islanders minds now is the Tuesday morning fire at Flat Point Farm in West Tisbury. Five of our town fire departments responded. The farm owners and all humans are safe. Unfortunately, many farm animals died. Flat Point is known for producing meat, hay, eggs and soap. It is a multi-generational farm. Our hearts go out to the owners, Arnie Fischer and his sister, Eleanor Fischer Neubert.

Brian Athearn, head of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society, has pledged support. There is also a GoFund Me page set up for Flat Point Farm. We will rebuild.

The fundraiser for the family of Erica Ponte was very successful. The P.A. Club was the party place. Watch for the upcoming fundraiser at the club for the children of Neil Estrella. Neil so wanted his kids to be able to attend college. This is how we can help.

It is a year since we celebrated the lives of Lori and Denise Dorsey. I reread the touching tribute Kristen M. Jenkinson wrote last March about this wonderful family. Look for it if you get a chance. Meanwhile, sister Corinne Dorsey has had some surgery in Boston but is now home recovering. Corinne thanks her kids, Toby and Maggie May, for being so supportive. I had the pleasure of watching these two grow up and was always impressed by their loyalty and commitment. Get well soon, Corinne.

I remodeled my kitchen. Alas! My improvements only lasted four days! My stove/oven sent in its resignation. I found prices of brand-new appliances too daunting for me. My friends removed the old stove to the backyard waiting for pickup. We cleaned out the empty area. I moved a sturdy chair and footstool into the space. I had the counters shoulder high, festooned with my reading glasses, drinks, snacks, even a jar of treats for my dog Silvio. I picked the Sunday New York Times and my TBR books to my right. The fan/light appliance left over the empty stove space was my own personal reading lamp. I created a Book Nook! So proud and so happy.

Within four days my friends found an extremely reasonably priced used stove. They brought it and defiled my book nook. I was prepared for reading and ordering out. Apparently, I did not achieve my dream.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Christopher Kennedy on March 18; March 20 was claimed by Kristie Noyes Mayhew; March 21 belongs to Julie Robinson; March 22 is a party for three great ladies, Narilyn Van Tine Carol Lashnits, and Sue Hallock; March23 honors Meg Hughes. My grandson Corbyn Clark-Garza celebrates on March 24; and on March 25 Vanrssa Ciancio and Babette Benoit take the cake. Many happy returns