Lots of news from our little island this week.

The new Chappy cell-tower was installed last week on Sampson avenue. Because the approval process was so lengthy and cell technology is changing so rapidly, AT&T has informed residents that it will no longer be able to use the new infrastructure as planned. They have already issued a proposal for a new system, one that operates with high-powered drones that orbit the island providing cell service as well as wireless connection to all houses.

The drones will have the ability to deliver mail and packages as well. If the drones are approved, the US Postal service will discontinue roadside delivery to all mailboxes and mail will arrive on your doorstep. The staff at the Edgartown post office find this new prospect promising; the drones will greatly improve efficiency and accuracy. No longer will you have to wait four weeks for the latest edition of your New Yorker magazine. Gone will be the days of standing in line at the Edgartown post office, pink slip in hand, only to be told that your package is not there (or anywhere). Mail will no longer be snail.

The Chappy Community Center has said that they would be willing to accept all unused mailboxes as donations for a future fundraiser. Once mailboxes become obsolete, the CCC will auction them off as antiques.

With AT&T backing out of the deal, the question still remains as to what the tower will be used for. The Trustees of Reservations have submitted a proposal to use it as an osprey nest, but there is some debate as to whether a pair will nest in a structure that is so high. One Chappaquiddicker proposed that the tower be converted into a climbing or B.A.S.E jumping structure for thrill-seeking tourists. Another suggested using it as a very tall deer-stand so hunters can have a better chance of culling the Island’s herd. And Elizabeth Whelan thought it would be an excellent foundation for a new Chappy art installation. She floated the idea at her Art Night at the Community Center last week and it was widely well-received. Whatever happens, it is likely that the approval process will be lengthy, so buckle your seat belts and settle in for the ride.

The Chappy Ferry will be making some big changes in the coming months. Co-owner Peter Wells says that due to the high volume of traffic in the summertime, they will be replacing the On-Time II and III with two new boats, each measuring 263.5 feet in length. At moments of high volume, the boats will go end to end and span the entire distance between Chappy and the Vineyard, allowing cars to drive across them, from one island to the other. Passage will become so speedy that the ferries will be renamed the No-Time I and II.

North Neck has seen so much erosion lately that engineers are calling for the emergency installation of a Neck Tie brace. The 1,200-foot brace will be installed just north of the Royal and Ancient Chappaquiddick Links and span the entire distance between Cape Pogue and the Edgartown outer harbor, acting as a bandaid to hold the two shores together. Several houses will need to be removed in the process, but homeowners have been promised a lifetime membership to the golf course in exchange. Fundraising to finance the brace continues, so please consider donating to the North Neck Neck Tie Fund in the coming weeks.

From the community center, Sidney Morris says that all residents are now required to host one potluck a year with a theme generated from their astrological sign. But, really, don’t forget to save the first and third Wednesdays of the month for the Chappy potluck. The CCC is trying out a new host-free format, so bring an appetizer or main dish or both. Sidney says they are collecting ideas for added entertainment on potluck evenings such as game night, music or slideshows. Also, Elizabeth Whelan will unfortunately be unable to continue hosting the Art Nights as planned this month, but she hopes to return with the classes in the fall.

That is all the news from Chappy as we head into a week for April fooling. Happy spring to all.