Spring has arrived and love is in the air. And we have some fabulous animals here for you to fall in love with. Our newest arrivals are five guinea pigs — four boys and one girl. John Paul, George, Ringo and Janis. These piggies are just babies and all are gray and white, two even have rosettes on their heads. We also have four cats in need of forever homes. Jakey and Benny are four-year old brothers who would love to stay together if possible. Jakey is solid orange with that wonderful orange male personality. He’s a very mellow boy. Benny is a little bigger and is tabby and white. He’s a bit on the shy side but will make an appearance if he likes you. We believe that both will warm up once in a secure home. Could that home be yours?

Finn needs a forever home and he’s a real lover who likes to sleep under the covers with you. He’s a black and white neutered male, two plus years old, with lovely green eyes. And he has the sweetest disposition. At only two he’s still very playful too. Finn came from a multi-cat home where he was at the bottom of the totem pole. His owners felt that he would be happier in another home with fewer cats. He’s still acclimating to his new surroundings here but is a gem of a cat. Could his new home be yours?

Holly is lonely and desperately needs a permanent home. She’s been here too long and needs a friend. Even though she gets attention from the shelter staff and volunteers she still spends too much time alone. She may not be a snuggle puss but she still wants someone to love. Holly is only six-years old and needs a good deal of personal space. She is interacting with visitors more and more and really enjoys getting treats and will even take them from your hand. She’s also quite playful. Come meet her and find out if you could be the family for her.

We have a special needs cat that would be a great addition to any home. The Earl of Cecil is only six, he’s solid black with luminous green eyes, and the sweetest disposition ever. We believe he suffered a stroke or a seizure and now has very limited vision. However, he has no trouble getting around and is a real snuggle puss. Come meet him and fall in love; most everyone does. And if you have a beard that would make him really happy.