Following the discovery of small patches of bay scallops in Katama Bay and the outer harbor, Edgartown selectmen voted on Monday to extend the scallop season until April 19.

“I apologize for the last minute of it all, but we did find a patch of scallops in Katama and another patch outside starting last week,” shellfish constable Paul Bagnall told the board. “We’re asking for an extension.”

The commercial daily catch limit will remain the same at three bushels per day. Mr. Bagnall said the shellfish committee is expected to approve the extension.

“I surveyed the shellfish committee by email. They’re going to meet tomorrow for a re-affirmation vote, but they are in support of it too,” the constable said. “These areas have mainly adults, very low seed, not much eelgrass that’s going to be impacted outside, and the scallops are kind of north of the middle ground, so they’re up by the down harbor docks and stuff.”

Because bay scallops mature in a two to three-year life cycle, there can be dramatic changes in the scallop crop from year to year. Mr. Bagnall said this has been a relatively poor season, though he said oystering has gone well. The brief bay scallop extension will keep a handful of fishermen working for at least a little while longer.

“We’re happily oystering in Sengie and now we have a scallop extension so we can keep 10 to 15 guys a day busy,” he said.

The price for oysters doesn’t compare to scallops, which can fetch almost three times as much per bushel. Mr. Bagnall estimated oysters at $125 a bushel and scallops at $280.

“The markets are a little bit shaky,” he said.

He added that the discovery of scallops late in the season was normal during a down-year.

“These scallops weren’t available for harvest a month ago,” Mr. Bagnall said. “They were underneath a coat of slime which comes off when the water gets up above 45 degrees. So spring has sprung and we’re getting close to that.”