If there is anywhere to have a staycation, Martha’s Vineyard is the place. A lot of families could not leave the Island for this one, but with better weather, free bowling and shoes for kids at Barn, Bowl, and Bistro, baseball season, movies, and the much anticipated opening of the Flying Horses, we are in good shape.

Young Shane Justice Little Eagle Vanderhoop True made a surprise and most welcome appearance at my home last Sunday. A few of his friends were off-Island so he figured it was time to check in with the older folks in the hood. Shane baked us the best corn muffins while he was visiting. Actually, we have enjoyed his cooking for us many times. Shane wants to be a chef or an engineer. I see no problems ahead.

Fenway Park opened on April 9. While we did not win that one we are enthusiastic about our Red Sox season. The Make Way for Ducklings in the Park in Boston are sporting their Red Sox jerseys.

After the crazy rain and thunderstorms on Monday, double rainbows appeared over the Island — all duly recorded by the cell phone gang. It particularly pleased me when someone caught a photo of the Stop & Shop strikers gathered at Five Corners and had double rainbows decorating their heads. I took it as a good omen for their eventual win in a tense situation.

Thank you to all who respect the picket line. I am a confirmed trade unionist. I did shop at Reliable. It was more crowded than usual but everyone was pleasant and smiling.

Second Chance/Sandy Paws has an adorable new crop of available puppies and older dogs. Adopt, don’t shop. Neither dogs, cats, rabbits, or chicks should be given as Easter gifts. These are lifetime commitments. Please honor their furry and feathery little lives. Ashley Medeiros at Second Chance will be happy to help you make the right choice for your family.

The Wicked Good Musical Revue had its last show for the season at the Vineyard Playhouse last Sunday. We shall reconvene after the very packed summer play schedule. I was happy to learn that the playhouse offered Islander discounts for the revue. I do not know if it translates to every show there but you can ask. Vineyard Playhouse is always welcome to donations to keep this vital nonprofit going.

Arnie Reisman has returned from his south of the border wanderings. He announces that Thursday, April 18 at 7 p.m is the final Poetry Cafe for the season. The readings are held at the Vineyard Playhouse. Many of our Island neighbors will be reading their works. Admission is $10; it includes pie and beverages. See you there.

That same night the P.A. Club fish fry will be held from 5 to 7 p.m If you time it right you can have your fish then hustle to the Poetry Cafe and enjoy your pie and poetry.

Friend George Stein from Queens has been on Island solidifying his plans for moving here this summer. I have not caught up with him yet but hope to soon.

More tellurian tips from Teri: plant these seedlings to help save the bees — sage, sunflower, zinnia and cilantro. Gardening has begun.

Congratulations to Carlton and Sharon Simonin who observed their 30th wedding anniversary last weekend The birthday bandwagon pulled along Carole Vandal and Jenny Painter Seward on April 16. And on April 25 Lorraine Clark and Sarah Codding take the cake. Many happy returns.