In a first for Martha’s Vineyard and Massachusetts, a black-whiskered vireo was spotted near the Edgartown Golf Club on Sunday.

The rare appearance of the small bird that winters in South America and breeds in the Caribbean caused excitement in the Island birding community.

The bird was seen by Ken Magnuson, an Edgartown resident and veteran Island birder.

“I first saw it as it flew in front of my truck,” Mr. Magnuson reported. “I thought it might be an early worm-eating warbler, but the first field mark I saw after getting out of the truck was the black whiskers on each side of the throat.”

The black whiskers distinguish the bird from the similar red-eyed vireo.

Ken took some pictures and the bird cooperated. He later confirmed the identification after consulting field guides.

It is only the seventh sighting of this species north of Florida. The bird also breeds in the mangrove thickets of southern Florida.

Strong southerly winds likely carried the migrant far out of its normal range.

The vireo has not been seen since.