34 High Mark LLC purchased 34 High Mark Road in Chilmark from Julius Rosenwald 3rd, Linda R. Levy, Benjamin Gundersheimer and Joshua Gundersheimer for $1,700,000 on May 1.


David M. and Karen L. Brush purchased 36 Green Hollow Road in Edgartown from Holmwood LLC for $1,750,000 on May 2.

Daniel E. and Leanne S. Doonan purchased 86 Martha’s Road in Edgartown from Doreen A. Fiedler TRS for $790,000 on April 30.

Oak Bluffs

Sasa Markovic purchased 247 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Jessica and Michael Johns for $625,000 on May 2.

Scott P. and Stacy L. Simmons purchased 20 Bayes Hill Road in Oak Bluffs from Mark C. Soutter TRS, Mary E. Holland TRS and John A. Roberts Separate Property Trust for $875,000 on May 3.

Vineyard Haven

Island Housing Trust Corp purchased 20 Edgartown Road in Edgartown from Stephen M. and Judith G. Perlman for $950,000 on May 3.

Leigh and Lydia Sylvia purchased 13 Hvoslef Way in Vineyard Haven from William L and Holly A. Jackson for $570,000 on May 3.

West Tisbury

Christopher Cottrell purchased 274 Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury from Brian D. McBride and Elizabeth H. McBride for $700,000 on April 29.

Michael and Jessica Johns purchased 80 Obed Daggett Road in West Tisbury from Beatrice Phear TRS and Obedpat Nominee Trust for $850,000 on May 2.