Tisbury selectmen signed documents to acquire property for a new town hall, decided on the makeup of the new school building committee, and talked about illegal dumping near utility pole right of ways at a meeting last week.

Selectmen began by restructuring the board, appointing Melinda Loberg as chairman and James Rogers as vice chairman. Jeffrey Kristal, newly elected to the board last month, will serve as clerk.

A closing is set for May 7 for the town to buy a property at 55 West William street that is eventually planned for a new town hall.

Voters agreed to spend $675,000 for the property at last year’s annual town meeting. The site is across from the Tisbury School and has an unoccupied historic house on it.

“This has been a long process,” Mrs. Loberg said. “We’re going to own a piece of property that has a lot of promise for the town.”

Selectmen and school committee chairman Amy Houghton also agreed on the makeup for a new school building committee. The committee will include a selectman, a school committee member, a member of the finance committee, a member of the planning board, a school staff member from grades kindergarten through four, a school staff member from grades five through eight, a parent representative, a community member with construction experience, and a community member with design experience.

School administrators and others will be included in the process, but will not vote.

Selectmen said they will call on Eversource to protect right of way areas surrounding utility poles. A 100-foot wide right of way with utility poles extends through wooded areas around town. Eversource has proposed gates in some easement areas to prevent illegal dumping.

Mr. Rogers said some abutters have begun to store personal property along right of ways. Fire chief John Schilling said the town has been notifying Eversource about the problems for years.

“The power lines remain a problem. We’ve had dumping in there that exists of just trash. We’ve had dumping of hazardous materials . . . Now we have people conducting business activities in the powerlines,” he said. “We need to press Eversource to move forward and secure these areas in a timely fashion.”