The Martha’s Vineyard Airport has a new director.

Cindi Martin, who was offered the position a month ago, has accepted a three-year contract, airport commission chairman Robert Rosenbaum confirmed on Friday.

Ms. Martin will be paid an annual salary of $165,000 with benefits that include a $2,000 monthly housing stipend, according to Mr. Rosenbaum.

She is the former head of Glacier Park International Airport, a small airport in Montana that she ran for 10 years until 2016. Since retiring from that job she has worked as a contractor for the American Association of Airport Executives.

Airport director Ann Richart’s last day was May 5; she did not renew her contract after three years on the job. Her annual salary was $166,900.

Mr. Rosenbaum said Ms. Martin will begin work on June 10.

“I personally am thrilled,” he told the Gazette by phone. “All of her background checks and references are quite stellar.”

He said Ms. Martin came to the Island May 1 and spent three days working with Ms. Richart to smooth the transition process.

“She’s participated in a land use committee meeting, an airport commission meeting yesterday,” Mr. Rosenbaum said. “Just in dealings I’ve had and other commissioners have had with her in that period of time, as well as the staff, they were all really positive and enthusiastic. She really seems to have a good handle on the airport operations sort of things, as well as the financial piece, which has been a concern. She’s basically said, I want to know where every penny is going, and where every penny is coming from.”

Mr. Rosenbaum said Ms. Martin has secured temporary housing and is looking for permanent housing.

“I’m looking forward to having her come on board full time,” he said.