Someone recently stated that we are experiencing Seattle-like weather. We have had more gray days than not over the past six weeks. On Mother’s Day there were torrential rains in Aquinnah. It was nice to see so many up-Island families enjoying brunch at the Aquinnah Restaurant, a new tradition for four generations of the Manning family. A big hug from Anne Vanderhoop Madison whom I had not seen all winter, a hug from Cully a.k.a. Matthew Vanderhoop as he prepares for orthopedic surgery in a month, and even a hug from my young friend Rodeo Purves Langer. It was nice to catch up with everyone after the long winter.

A reminder that USCG Station Menemsha is having its open house tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to kick off National Safe Boating Week and to show appreciation for those who were so supportive during the unnecessary government shutdown.

Chilmark Tavern opened on Thursday night for the season with Jenna Petersiel at the helm.

Those who have arrived for the season only to experience this end of winter weather include Gary and Lisa Foster, Dr. Gerald Green and his wife Beth, William Lake and Morgan Hodgson, Louise Petersiel, and Captain Hugh and Jeanne Taylor. Great to see all of them !

Congratulations and all the best to Michael Sellitti who will soon move to North Carolina where he attended college. Michael has spent the past several years as an Aquinnah Tribal Ranger, a special police officer for the Town of Aquinnah, a valued volunteer for the MV Community Services CONNECT to End Violence program, and a member of the Black Brook drum. He will be greatly missed, not least for the remarkable seriousness with which he has taken his duties and responsibilities as a young man.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Marilyn Maciel who passed away at home on May 8 following a long illness. Marilyn enjoyed traveling to see family in Maine and her friends in Florida over the past two months. She is survived by her husband Neal Maciel, their son Curtis, and her sister Kathy. Services will be held at a later date.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Frederick Thifault, a longtime friend and a valued VTA bus driver who always had a smile, a kind word, and a joke. He will be missed by many.

Happy 19th anniversary to Troy and Marcia Vanderhoop on May 20, and happy 18th anniversary to Gregory Clark and Maureen Williams on May 21.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Tom Seeman and Kyle Killebrew on May 17, Genie O’Donnell on May 18, Joan Kistner on May 19, and Meredith Trimmer on May 20. Elsie Fantasia Scott parties on May 21, along with Jean Entine and Kathleen Kendrick. Our ferry godmother Bridget Tobin will celebrate on May 22, sharing the day with Matt Hayden and Maureen Stanue. Mia Jeffers parties on May 23. Logan Boytek will be three years old on May 24, sharing the day with Kaye Manning, Jon Mayhew, and Nicholas Wallen.

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