Carolyn and Mark Mason purchased 18 and 19 Earl avenue in Edgartown from the William D. Kirchick Trust and the Earl Avenue Nominee Trust for $2,200,000 on May 7.

Oak Bluffs

Michael Frank Design LLC purchased 6 Rogers Way in Oak Bluffs from R&R Realty Trust Inc., for $349,900 on May 6.

Leslie Graham purchased 56 Pennacook avenue in Oak Bluffs from the Barbara Peckham Trust and the Peckham Living Trust for $705,000 on May 10.

Nelson A.S. Dickson and Allison L. Pearce puchased 10 Elliot avenue in Oak Bluffs from the Earlene D. Bakerman Trust and the Pilar Realty Trust for $486,000 on May 10.


The Town of Tisbury purchased 55 west William street in Tisbury from Wayne Guyther III, Laura Guyther, and Elizabeth Guyther for $675,000 on May 7.

Saul and Emma Damier purchased 36 Fire Tower Road in Tisbury from the Harry M. Lasker III Trust and the Red Farm Realty Trust for $490,000 on May 8.

Luis Miguel Perdomo purchased 500 Edgartown Road in Tisbury from Keenan R. and Michelle Delaney for $675,000 on May 10.

Stacia P. Broderick purchased 86 north William street from Fae E. Kontje for $645,000 on May 10.

West Tisbury

Michelle A. Aluia purchased 20 Lotties Lane in West Tisbury from Noah Richards for $132,500 on May 9.