You remember I told you last week I was putting my winter jacket in the wash to be finished for the season? Once again I was wrong. I have never been so cold at this time of year on Martha’s Vineyard. I should have waited till July.

However, I am not too cold to take advantage of Steve Bernier’s wonderful donation that allows us to get in free at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum on Tuesday nights from 5 to 8 p.m. This is a real treasure. I highly recommend it.

My Turks are bopping along with their daily visits. Last weekend my special guest, Beaky, came in my kitchen for a snack. She is used to me but was startled by several guests in my house. She began to fly around. I have the video. Tell me how to send it to you.

I could sit in Mocha Motts all day in Vineyard Haven if Tim Dobel would allow it. Jack Ryan’s art on the walls is mesmerizing. I finally crossed the street to see the lovely Carla Boyd at her post at the new Main street convenience store. Carla is so pretty and cheery that she brightens everyone’s day.

Then over to Found It! where the queen of all antiques and collectables holds court. I have always admired Rosemary Gambino’s knowledge of nostalgia. This is a great shop for special gifts and mementos. Found It! is right near La Choza.

Noel Macy has returned to Vineyard Haven to celebrate the birthday of his mom, well-known Island artist Lowely Finnerty.

Speaking of artists, do not forget to stop at the Oak Bluffs library during business hours and tour the quilts and crafts of Joan Glodis. Joan’s celebration of life will be held at the library on Saturday, May 25. Her three daughters will gather to greet us.

It breaks my heart to say Fred Thifault passed last Thursday. What a man! His devotion to family, his artistic masonry work, his faith, his humor, his dedication to the American Legion was amazing. Fred was the last surviving member of the Legion Pumper crew. His service will be at St. Augustine’s on Tuesday, May 21 at 11 a.m. Our condolences to Priscilla and his large family.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Emma HallBilsback, James Jannace, Dottie Jean Zucks, and Judith Campbell on May 13. May 14 was a party for Lowely Finnerty, Ludmilla Alves, and Leo Convery, May 16 is claimed by Mary Jo Reston, May 17 honors Marie Doubleday, and on May 19 Dorothy Eldefrey takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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