The weekend weather was not much different than the weather for the whole week, with rain off and on. The port of Oak Bluffs is now open and the fast ferry to New Bedford is in operation for the summer. You can already feel the increased traffic on the roads in town as new visitors arrive, with even more expected. Many a backyard grill will be fired up this weekend.

Anna and I visited North Attleboro to be with our daughter Nicole and her family for Mother’s Day. Nicole’s husband Arsen grilled enough wonderful food for an army on Sunday. We went to Providence on Saturday with the twins to visit Anna’s sister Nina and her husband Dieter. The weather was 72 degrees and delightful for sitting in the park with grandchildren. We shopped on Sunday, dodged the monsoon-like rain and did what mother wanted. Our son Sam could not be present but he mowed the lawn and prepared dinner awaiting her return home on the late boat.

Angie Tol of Voledam, Holland, and her mother Beth visited with us recently. Angie was our children’s sitter some 25 years ago on her first trip to America. They enjoyed the Island, despite the weather, and appreciated making new and meeting old friends.

Sig Van Raan and his wife Susan returned to their home on Music street this past Wednesday and are looking forward to a relaxing summer season.

Dr. Jay Segel and his wife Celine of Pond Road recently returned from a 10-day vacation in Nashville, Tenn.

Fred and Jeanne Barron returned to their home from a long winter vacation in California this past Monday.

Holly Eger reports that her book Split Rock: A Martha’s Vineyard Novel was named Independent Publisher’s 2019 Silver Medalist for best adult fiction. Holly and her daughter Julia, who helped out during the writing and editing process, are headed to New York city the day after Memorial Day for the awards ceremony at New York’s annual Book Expo.

David McCullough’s latest book Pioneers was released this past week, which I was lucky to get a copy of a day before its public release.

Karen Huff reports that Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club will host its annual Blooming Art Show from June 20 to 23 at the Old Mill across the Mill Pond on Edgartown Road. This celebration of fine art and floral design is the Garden Club’s major fundraiser of the year.

Happy birthday to Mary Sage Napolitan, Olivia Pate and Paula Church today; Moria Perzanowski, Allyson Reed and Irene Jones tomorrow; Paul and Richard Garcia, Peter Hoffman, Erin Murphy and Norman Hall on Sunday; Eliot Bilzerian, Candace Widmer and Ned Robinson-Lynch on Monday; Veronica Conover, John Dutton, Kayla Fournier and Judith Bryant on Tuesday; Stuart Rodegast and Donald Beaton on Wednesday; Judy Crawford, Sally Hamilton, Eric Whitman, Jessica Von Merhen and Nathan Belain on Thursday. Happy anniversary to Deb and Ron Kokernak on Wednesday and belated birthday wishes to Noah Garcia. Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. If you have any news please call or email me. Have a great week.

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