Phil Collins sang, “I can feel it in the air tonight,” while the band Live shared that they could “feel it coming back again like a rollin’ thunder chasing the wind.” Bob Dylan suggested that “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind” with such sincerity that Peter, Paul & Mary and Joan Baez both chose to do their own versions. Seals & Croft harmonized about a “summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind” that, yes, makes you feel enveloped in the perfection of summer. Even Rush allowed that “Like a solitary pine on a bare wind-blasted shore we can only grow the way the wind blows.”

But who, I ask, has composed a tune where the lyrics solely focus on pollen? Right here. Right now. It seems a necessary topic to lyricize.

The trees sway in the wind and drop their tiny strands and flecks of pollen. The smell is sweet but its texture is like grains of sand in my eyes.

I realize it is important to the balance of nature and production of plants as it is transported around me by wind, water, insects, and more. I try so hard to see the dramatic swirls of pollen like a green and gold galaxy of potential and as a medium of art. Yet those flecks that lay their dazzle upon still waters and cake our vehicles in the flour-like wash of a whole-bellied clam, also line our lungs, make many of us wheeze, with achy heads and runny noses.

Still, as quickly as it lays its dread upon us it will blow away with the breeze and leave flowering beauty and gardens full of vegetables in its wake.

Dashiell Christy, eldest child of Jenny and Todd, was inducted into MVRHS National Honor Society and also found his state championship indoor legs in the 110m hurdles as the Cape and Island League champion. About a week ago he dashed to a second place finish at the MA Division 4 Championships. Then he headed to Westfield this past Saturday with two teammates, Mackenzie Condon and Nate Packer, to compete at the All-State Championship. Although he had a rough start hyperextending his knee at the first hurdle he still managed a twenty-second place finish. Be proud, Dash. That is strong work.

In other Christy news, eighth-grade daughters El and Wren are visiting their English exchange counterparts with the rest of their WTS classmates, including Chilmark kids Cali Giglio, Ella Keene, Jakie Glasgow, Christian Carroll, and Jack Lionette. I cannot wait to get the scoop and learn some fun tidbits about their trip.

We welcome to the world Ms. Vivienne Lehman, who gets to claim the title of first grandchild. Born to Samantha (Jason) and Dave on May 27, she is the newest family member and granddaughter to Polly McDowell and Dennis Jason. Proud Uncle Denny already has a standing invitation for his new niece to first mate on the Little Lady. Congratulations to all.

Pam Goff sends along a friendly reminder that pizza nights at the Chilmark Church have wrapped up until fall. It was a great way for folks to connect and be social during the dark winter months, but now that the sun shines longer and people are busier it’s time to seek other methods of social engagement.

You can always, as Great-Grandma Bette would say, sit a spell on Squid Row with me.

Barbara and George McLaughlin made their 2019 maiden voyage to Menemsha on their boat Grumpy last week. It was a pleasure to see them and sit a spell.

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