Last weekend gave us excellent summer-like days both Saturday and Sunday. Lots of folks worked outdoors and held backyard barbeques. The baseball fields and the tennis courts were busy, and T-shirts were the dress of the day for men.

It is getting busier by the day, and if you drove down to Vineyard Haven last weekend you experienced your first traffic jam of the season.

Linda Alley, also known as the jelly queen, reports that the Farmer’s Market will begin their 44th summer season tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. at the Grange Hall.

Ed and Jane Konicki, of Webster, are staying at their daughter Lynn’s condo. Ed reports that they are having a swell time visiting old friends.

Anna returned home on Sunday after attending a birthday celebration with Nori Duncan for an old friend in Somerville. Last week she spent several days with grandchildren Eddie and Mark up at her sister’s house in Providence.

Blake Rosenthal and Ray Duer spent a few days at her house on State Road. Last Thursday, on a visit to the Field Gallery next door, Ray proposed and she accepted! Congratulations to a swell couple.

Ellen Weiss, of Old County Road, arrives tomorrow to spend the summer at her home.

The parks and recreation committee reports that beach stickers will be available every day starting on June 16 from their shed at the school near the tennis courts on Old County Road. The hours on weekdays are 9 a.m. to noon daily and on weekends from 4 to 7 p.m. The beach opens for the season on June 24.

Harry Athearn reports that it is almost strawberry time in West Tisbury! The 31st annual Strawberry Festival will be held from noon until 4 p.m. on the 22nd. This popular annual fundraiser benefits the historic church which serves as a community home.

Naomi and Ava Plakins, of Philadelphia, Pa. arrived yesterday to spend a few days at their Middle Road estate and attend the Remembering the Rosenthals concert.

Town Clerk Tara Whiting-Wells reports that the town will be holding a special town meeting on June 18 at 7 p.m. in the school gym. It is a two-article warrant, both of which are school items. The last day to register to vote in that meeting is today, June 7.

Loretta Beaucaire Croft, of East Falmouth, stopped by the morning coffee group at Alleys to say hello. She is a graduate of the old Tisbury High School class of 1958. She and her husband came to visit friends and she is trying to arrange a get-together of classmates this summer.

Over at the library, Olivia Larsen reports that tomorrow at 4pm they will host their annual Remembering the Rosenthal’s concert. Music street musicians will perform a program titled Form and Free Form. On Monday at 4:30 p.m,, Rep. Dylan Fernandez and the Massachusetts Redistricting Committee are holding a meeting to talk with members of the community about the 2020 Census and the critical components of an accurate census count.

The May 1976 annual town meeting lasted over five hours, a record, with many issues large and small discussed at length. The matter of spending $9,600.00 to maintain the town dump drew a variety of opinions. TJ Hegarty wanted to know why the money spent annually wasn’t put toward the purchase of machinery to do the job. Fred S. Fisher Jr. of the finance committee responded by saying “for years we have tried to stay away from that. You would then need a place to house it and a man to run it; he would want a salary and health insurance. Eventually we’ll have all this, I suppose we will be spending 40 or 50 grand and providing money to fix his teeth — but as long as we can stay away from it we should.” An informal standing vote indicated the town did not want to purchase their own machinery to cover the dump. The budget request was then approved by a vote of 131 yes, 96 no.

Happy birthday greetings go to: Andrea Hartman, Steve Berlucchi, Cheryl Grimes and Ryan Pesch today; Ben Bilzerian, John Powers, Susanna Sturgis and Melinda Brodsky tomorrow; Woollcott Smith, Bruce Blackwell, Shelia Shapiro, Elise Fisher, Katherine Walsh, Jodi Belair and Josh Gothard on Sunday; Susan Safford, Trevor Marzbanian, Anh Ho, Nathan Larsen, Wm Bronson and Milo D’Antonio on Monday; Marie Searle, Dick Pilibosian, Minor Knight, Joan Mancuso and Daniel Maiore on Tuesday; Kib Bramhall, Leslie Fairbarn, Mike Black, Martha Stackpole and Debbie Athearn on Wednesday, and Justin Taylor, Charlotte McGoldrick, Anita Botti and Les Leland on Thursday.

Belated birthday greetings to Beth McElhiney, Mary Jane Pease and Simi Horwitz down in NYC.

Anniversary greetings to a swell couple, Ed Levine and Vicki Bijur, who will celebrate their special day on Thursday.

Well, that’s all of the social news for this edition. If you have any news please call or e-mail me.

Have a great week.

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