Another of my pet peeves which seems to be more rampant on this Island than anywhere else is people not using directional signals. And you cannot just blame tourists and seasonal visitors for this, because I recognize a lot of Islanders up to the same thing. Please! Clarify your choice.

Nothing interfered with driving on a beautiful Sunday to a wonderful high school graduation at the Tabernacle. This annual event is what we do best. It is always so exciting to see the youngsters and their families all spruced up and celebrating.

The weather was perfect for so many outdoor parties. Lorena Crespo and Angela Murphy hosted a great feast for their sons Andre and Hollis in Edgartown on Saturday. Jane Flanders invited me to a party for her son Caleb on Sunday. Everyone was relaxed, happy and not wanting for any kind of food. That included a purple chocolate fondue fountain for dessert. Best wishes to these fine young grads.

Chris and Lily Clark made excellent time leaving Rockford, Ill. early Saturday morning and arriving for a 6:15 p.m. boat on Sunday evening. My grandson Corbyn, on a learner’s permit, got them through Chicago and to the border at Gary, Ind. Dominic enjoyed listening to a Harry Potter audiobook while his brother practiced his driving skills.

Corbyn is now taller than I am, and Dominic will be taller than I by Thanksgiving. They have already gone vacation book shopping at Bunch of Grapes and have scoured the sand for seaglass. Tonight we go check out the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, former site of so many years of summer camp for Chris. This visit is going by much too quickly.

Delores Borza of Island Homegrown Tours has tickets for Beach Road Weekend. If you need any, flag her down or give her a call through her business number. And congratulations to DeeDee. She knows why.

Island author Fred Waitzkin has a new book out, Deep Water Blues. He is such a great writer. Get down to Bunch of Grapes and check it out. I have never met Fred but his writing makes you feel like he is your friend and neighbor.

Our Vineyard Haven Public Library is planning a family friendly event on July 18. They would like to have a band perform and are looking for Island groups, especially any young’uns from the high school, Alex’s Place, you get the picture. Call the library if you are interested.

Our P A. Club hosts another fish fry on June 13 at 5 p.m. Great food and a great chance to meet your friends and neighbors. The dedication of the cooks and staff is impeccable. I’ll see you there.

Get well wishes go out to David Ortiz. He is safely back in Boston and at my old homestead, Mass General. Too many guns out there.

42 years ago on June 11, Chris Kennedy and Carol Cook Kennedy began their journey together. Their three grown children, two grandchildren and all of us send anniversary bouquets.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Daisy from Cumbies on June 9. Wish her the best when you are there. My dear friend Ivy Medina celebrated her birthday on June 9 as well. And on June 11 Denise Dupre takes the cake. Many happy returns.

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