Patrick R. Sherbrooke and Katherine A. Sherbrooke purchased 1 Driftwood Lane in Aquinnah from MacDonald T. Haskell for $1,605,000 on June 12.


Aaron M. Brown and Lindsay A. Brown purchased a portion of 81 Gosnolds Way in Chilmark from Ghee House LLC for $25,505 on June 14.

Edgartown Arch Building & Home Development LLC purchased 9 Pradas Way in Edgartown from MV Land and Sea Inc. for $685,000 on June 10.

Khalid Dore purchased 1 Saddle Club Road in Edgartown from Kevin D. Ryan and Joanne P. Ryan for $675,000 on June 12.

Joyce A. Salvo, Christopher D. Salvo and Jan Salvo purchased 32 Bold Meadow Road in Edgartown from Richard I. Colter Jr. and Deborah T. Colter for $1,200,000 on June 12.

Gregory J. Dumark and Ellen Cho purchased 11 Duncan Close in Edgartown from Robert S. Anderson for $827,500 on June 13.

RT Enterprises LLC purchased 107 Washque avenue in Edgartown from Scott E. Boynton for $2,810,000 on June 14.

Oak Bluffs

Janet E. Scatton-Berry purchased 6 Barling avenue in Oak Bluffs from Janet E. Scatton-Berry and Diane Ruth Figueiredo for $180,000 on June 13.


Sarah C. Doebler purchased 33 West Sound Lane in Tisbury from Joseph Harold Doebler and Marie Iselin Doebler for $1,130,000 on June 10.

Elizabeth Seitz and Jorge Abellas-Martin purchased 99 Fuller Road in Tisbury from Thomas Matthew Barrie TRS, Jeffrey Carl Barrie TRS and Eleanor C. Barrie Trust for $890,000 on June 10.

Kelsey Anne Cosby and Matthew Joseph Cosby purchased 78 Hines Point Road in Tisbury from Cindy Anderson Indiv and TRS, Elizabeth Rose Indiv and TRS and Elizabeth Rose Family Trust for $3,150,000 on June 14.

West Tisbury Matthew Michael Greenfield and Laurence Hilary Dumortier purchased 80 Oak Lane in West Tisbury from Nathaniel P. Morgan and Lauren E. Morgan fro $1,485,000 on June 14.