On Saturday, families, coaches and players gathered for the Martha’s Vineyard Little League Championship. To start the day, the Orioles and Devil Rays faced off in the AAA Minor League championship game held at Veira Park in Oak Bluffs as Penn Field was still wet from the week of rain.

Jay Napior, president of the Martha’s Vineyard Little League, was excited for the Minor League game, which includes players seven to 10 years old.

“The skill levels really are wide ranging in the minors,” he said. “It’s amazing. We’ve got really little guys, and others who are used to kids pitching to them. Many will be moving up to the majors soon.”

The minor league Orioles entered the competition undefeated through the playoffs, which are double elimination. They dropped the first game to the Devil Rays 13-3 so the two teams settled in for the deciding game.

Safe! — Maria Thibodeau

Barbara Plesser, Orioles’ team grandma, kept the tension in perspective.

“Our pitcher this season was so good,” she said. “But he’s on a vacation to Ireland and isn’t here. We’ll see what we can do in this one.”

Ms. Plesser served hot dogs to the fans as she talked. “We call it ché Oriole over here,” she said.

Across the field on the Devil Rays side, Dave Christensen was checking on his son Aiden after the youngster took the long walk back to the dugout following a strike out.

Tense times in the dugout. — Maria Thibodeau

“Keep your head up, you got this,” Mr. Christensen said in encouragement.

Indeed, the Rays had many reasons to keep their heads up on Saturday, as they went on to win the second game against the Orioles 11-1 to secure the championship.

Later on in the afternoon, the major league game between the Cubs and the Pirates took place at Penn Field. Both teams trudged through the muddy outfield to play catch while they waited for the field to be deemed playable.

Mr. Napior, who serves as coach of the Cubs as well as president of the league, was anxious to get the championship game underway after the long weather delay. The Cubs entered the game undefeated so a win by them would clinch the victory.

The Pirates jumped out to an early lead and were up 3-0 in the third inning when the game was halted due to a passing storm. When play resumed the Cubs seemed energized by the lightning, scoring four runs in the fourth inning.

Great catch! — Maria Thibodeau

Cubs pitcher Robbie Pacheco had a strong few innings holding the Pirates in check as the Cubs stretched their lead to 7-5.

Pirates pitcher Eli Bryant turned in an impressive showing of his own on the mound, keeping his team in the game and the fans on the edge of their seats.

Laura Macmillan, nurse and mother of five, cheered on her Cub, Matty MacMillan. Matty’s four-year-old sister, Rosie, was vocal in the stands, too.

“I didn’t miss any of Matty’s games, ever” Rosie said.

The day ended with the Cubs on top, defeating the Pirates 13-9.

As summer beckoned, Mr. Napior noted how the kids wouldn’t have to wait another year for more competition.

“The community sports are so great on the Island,” he said. “These kids play soccer, hockey, baseball, everything, and they play together all year long.”

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