With the strike dragging on but most buses still running, Vineyard Transit Authority drivers came to the Edgartown selectmen on Monday to request their support. Selectmen listened as three full-time drivers voiced their concerns with the VTA’s management company, TCI, and asked that they call the VTA to push for a contract for the drivers.

Full-time VTA drivers have been picketing at select locations on the Island since Friday, frustrated that they haven’t been able to negotiate a contract with their employers. Approximately 20 drivers walked off the job last week, but most of the VTA’s bus routes are staffed with seasonal or part-time drivers and are still in operation.

On Monday drivers appealed to the selectmen to intervene on their behalf.

“They don’t negotiate, they’ve been stalling, stalling . . . so that’s why we decided to go on strike,” driver Andre Bonnell told the board. “We’re just looking to get some support from selectmen.”

The drivers said TCI has brought in replacement drivers from around the country to fill positions at high hourly rates. They also said that TCI and the VTA are using tax dollars to fight the drivers’ request for pay increases, and that the current working conditions make driving unsafe.

“I’ve been driving for 19 years. I’ll never get a raise,” Mr. Bonnell said. “They’re bringing in people from other countries whose starting pay is much more than what I make . . . It’s a kick in the teeth to me when they say they don’t have enough to pay their drivers.”

Driver Katherine Kavanagh requested the selectmen call the VTA, citing concerns about safety with less experienced drivers on the road.

“We’re asking you for help, to call the VTA and say we need this done. We need to negotiate,” Ms. Kavanagh said. “We don’t think you’re the magician who can fix everything. But we do think you’re people who might care about our community and that our streets are safe.”

Selectmen took no action, thanking the VTA drivers for voicing their concerns.

According to driver Richard Townes, drivers had a lengthy negotiating session with a mediator on Monday in an effort to draw up a contract. Mr. Townes has said that the strike will continue until a contract is in place.

Will Sennott contributed reporting.