Names: Rose and Ignatius Athearn 

Ages: 7 and 5 years old 

School: The Charter School 

Siblings: Alden Athearn, little brother

Pets: Nip the Cat Athearn

Your favorite foods:  acai bowls (Rose) and grilled salmon (Iggie)

Something new you are learning: math and ninja training 

New place you’d like to explore: waterfalls and rainforests 

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard:  The beach and the candy and ice cream shops 

What do you think about Cinema Circus? Rose: It is funny and amazing and I love it! Iggie: Exactly!   

Like an Elephant in a China Shop
Rose: I laughed at the end when he was somehow hiding in the little place next door.  I was scared when everything was about to break because the elephant was moving around when he noticed the mouse. 
Iggie: What funnied me was how the elephant came out of nowhere.   I loved the whole thing.

Iggie: I didn’t like when the nose was crying but I loved when they were both saying la la la la la la la la- that’s what I loved. 
Rose: I loved the whole thing.    

Iggie: I liked when she spins.  I didn’t like when she was standing in the rain. 
Rose: I liked the dancing underwater.  How could she possibly stay underwater so long???  It’s a mystery.  

Iggie: I did not like the skeleton one.  I did like the ninja picture.
Rose: Why is it so many pictures?  It doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s just so so so many pictures.    

The Hunt
Iggie: I loved the part when the moose got the boom box on his antler.  I think the movie was about missing your dog or losing a person. 
Rose: I loved it.  My favorite part was when the sheep and the bunny were eating a pile of cabbages!   

All In Good Time
Iggie: It was good! I loved when they found the sunken ship because now they can stay on the island and write to each other.
Rosie: I loved it! I loved when they found out that the bottle could time travel. It was cool!