The beaches have been packed each day, with the hot weather making this Island a true vacation paradise. Frank Adams might have described our recent weather as “hotter than a burnt boot” — that was what he said in his diary about the heat of summer in 1941.

Last week the sun began setting at least one minute earlier each day as we slowly head toward fall. There are only 166 shopping days until Christmas, and Jane Konicki up in Webster reports that she has half of hers done! However it is summer, and most of us are not thinking of such things.

Warren and Marilyn Hollinshead, of Pond View Farm Road, enjoyed a visit recently from daughter Dana, her husband Todd Gill, their children Lauren and Evan, and other Gill family members from West Dennis, Middletown, Conn., and San Diego. Warren reports that all the Gills enjoyed sails on Todd’s Hobie Cat.

Grandchildren Robbie, Henry, Eddie and Mark and their parents arrived on Tuesday. They will be spending time at the beaches and playgrounds, taking the bus and wearing Grandma and Grandpa out before celebrating Grandma’s birthday.

Jim and Holly Coyne enjoyed the holiday with their youngest son, Michael, daughter-in-law Elinor, grandson Wilder, and 5-month-old Rosamund at their home and garden on Look’s Pond. Also showing off their new family on the pond were a beautiful pair of swans with five young cygnets.

Jim Johnson reports that he and Nancy Northup are in their Lower Makonikey house once again. They have had a week to themselves before the first of their kids arrived on the ferry last Thursday. By weekend they will have three of their four kids at their summer place: Abby and Amalya Johnson, along with Miles Bergner and his fiancé Marli Scharlin.

Louisa McCullough reports that dad Geoff, Mom Signe, sister Nellie and Nellie’s boyfriend Alik along with their little dachshund Pretzel have been staying in the Kansas section of town. They enjoyed the parade and put up with Dad’s antics.

Paul Levine reports that the ninth performance of the World of the Troubadours and Trobairitz will take place at the library on July 14 at 3 p.m., with free admission.

Postmaster John Hirt reports that there will be a brief ceremony at the post office at noon on July 19 to honor the release of the new transcontinental railroad stamp, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the railroad’s completion.

Happy birthday to: Anna Alley, Denise Mount, Spenser Binney and Mike Ferry today; Rev. Cathlin Baker, Paul Karasik and David Perzanowski tomorrow; Tina Miller, John Walsh and Sarah Aliberti on Sunday; Sylvia Farrington, Tom Reynolds, Don Lyons, Mark Weiner and Jackie Clason on Monday; Margaret Logue, Karen English, Rosie Shugrue, Kate Scannell and Maria Camargo on Tuesday; Cynthia Bloomquist, Eleanor Thayer, Linda Asbridge, Rebecca Hodgson and Mary Giordano on Wednesday; Arnie Fischer, Sue Leland, David Fielder, Phoebe Hersh and Susan Middleton on Tuesday, and Benoit Baldwin, Susan Austin, Linda Jones on Thursday.

Happy anniversary to Sig VanRaan and Susan Dickler on Monday.

Belated birthday greetings to Alvita Jones.

Well, that is all the social news for this week’s column. A bit of trivia that you can use at the next cocktail party: 84 years ago earlier this week the world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City. Also Krispy Kreme donuts opened a retail operation 83 years ago in North Carolina.

If you have news call or e-mail me. Have a great week.

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