Chad Urmston, or as fans of Dispatch know him, Chadwick Stokes, pedaled a large orange tricycle through Owen Park in Vineyard Haven. Shoeless, with hands stained blue from a morning spent making berry pancakes for his kids, Mr. Urmston admired his preferred method of transportation.

“I can fit all three kids, 7, 6 and 2 in that front basket,” he said, referring to a wooden device attached to the tricycle.

When not pedaling his family around West Chop, where his grandparents bought a home over 70 years ago, Mr. Urmston is a singer songwriter with Billboard top-10 hits and best selling albums. On August 10 his band Dispatch will perform at the Beach Road Weekend music festival in Veterans Memorial Park.

“It feels great to play here,” he said. “There’s so many great musicians on the Island. I’ve enjoyed all the festivals on-Island over the years. They haven’t been the magnitude or size of this festival coming up, but there’s such a rich musical tradition here.”

Dispatch debuted in 1996, broke up in 2002, and reunited in 2012. In the decade without Dispatch, Mr. Urmston’s music evolved, and his connection to the Vineyard deepened. His first solo album was recorded in 2010 in Oak Bluffs.

“I recorded with Jimmy Parr in O.B. One day Jimmy said, I bet we could ask Carly Simon to come in and sing some back-up vocals. And we’ve been friends ever since.”

The release of his next solo album coincides with Dispatch’s Beach Road festival show.

“My third solo record is coming out in a month. I just listened to the master this morning and gave it the go ahead. Me, Sybil and all the kids were in that half-sleep stage at 7 a.m., listening.”

Along with a solo career, Mr. Urmston formed the band State Radio in 2002. Sybil Gallagher, Mr. Urmston’s wife, was State Radio’s tour manager for six years.

“One of the reasons Dispatch broke up in the first place was because I felt a little censored by the other guys. If I was playing music, I was going to play protest music, and that’s where State Radio came from. An urge to really be a part of change and a movement.”

Along with three kids, a solo career, and performing with State Radio and Dispatch, Mr. Urmston and Ms. Gallagher started another project: Calling All Crows. “I think my manager has said, look, can’t you just focus on one thing. But each project really does serve a different, unique purpose.”

“With our nonprofit Calling All Crows, we wanted to hold the music industry accountable,” he continued. “With the #MeToo movement, Sybil and I saw parts of the entertainment industry be held accountable for sexual harassment, but it wasn’t the same for music. People still think, oh, that’s just rock ‘n roll, anything goes. We can’t let that happen.”

Calling All Crows leads pre-show service projects, awareness-raising events, and grassroots fundraising.

Women in music is important to Mr. Urmston. “When my wife was our tour manager, at that time 10 years ago there wasn’t a lot of women tour managers. It’s rough and she was so tough. She settled at the end of the night, got us paid, dealt with buses breaking down. She dealt with a lot.”

Mr. Urmston and Ms. Gallagher met when they were 20 years old, working as counselors at Camp Jabberwocky. At the time Ms. Gallagher was a home health aid and assisted at the camp.

“The first time we ever talked was down there at the end of the dock” Mr. Urmston said, looking out over Owen Park. “I remember jumping off the drawbridge and while we were in the water the police stole our clothes. We had to run all the way back through town, naked.”

Although Beach Road Weekend will be Mr. Urmston’s largest Vineyard venue, he has played on many stages around the Island, beginning as a young boy not far from where he now sits, the gazebo at Owen Park.

“As a kid I played trombone with the Martha’s Vineyard Marching Band. I played right here next to an 85-year-old with a silver trumpet. He didn’t even have to read the music, he knew it so well.”

Beach Road Weekend lands on the Vineyard August 9 to 11. A screening of Jaws with a live orchestra opens the festival on August 9; John Fogerty and Dispatch headline the Saturday shows, with Phil Lesh & Friends and Grace Potter topping Sunday’s lineup. For tickets and more information, visit