Hot is the word of the week. We are so lucky we live on an island with the breezes coming through when we need it. But from what I have been hearing there is more heat coming into next week.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Bianka De Assis and Malek Perry who celebrated July 13; Natalia BenDavid and Katelyn Tankersley, July 14; Veyda Pearl on July 18, and to Talia Young who celebrates her day today, July 19.

Last Saturday night my niece Tina called and invited me to join her and her husband Jon to go to an ice cream social put on by her church. I hemmed and hawed but decided to go, and I am glad I did. The social was at Jim Powell’s home in West Tisbury. When we arrived we were greeted by many people — and homemade ice cream. Jim had made coconut, strawberry and vanilla, with whipped cream and cherries for toppings, which was a welcome sight after a long hot day.

Jim’s mom Rosalie Humphrey Powell was there, and I was very happy to see her as she is a great lady and I have fond memories of her from my school days in Vineyard Haven. Let me just say there is nothing wrong with her memory.

The people there were delightful, and we had great conversations and a great time. But then Jim showed us his garden, full of veggies and flowers, and when we were coming out of the garden Tina noticed all the fireflies. I have not seen them in years and there were a dozen or so by a grove of trees in the yard, which took me back to my childhood chasing the darn things and putting them in a jar. It was awesome night, and I’m so glad I went.

On August 20 Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary will be hosting its first Sanctuary Supper: Eating for the Planet at the sanctuary. Experience a farm-to-table dinner designed and prepared by Kyleen Keenan, plant-based chef and co-founder of Not Your Sugar Mamas. Enjoy wild drinkables, passed hors d’oeuvres in the meadow and a three-course organic meal overlooking the spectacular expanse of Felix Neck. All ingredients are sourced with the health of our planet and people in mind. After a lovely Sengekontacket sunset, join Trip Barnes for an exciting live auction, followed by music and dancing under the stars. RSVP by July 12 for early-bird pricing ($150 per person). The event will benefit Felix Neck’s climate education programs, including their Climate Cafes and Youth-led Climate Summits.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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