After a dry summer for boaters on the Edgartown harbor, at least when it comes to fuel, gas is expected to be available for sale by this weekend, town officials said.

Town administrator James Hagerty and Ed Coletta, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), both confirmed that gas pumps at the North Wharf fueling station were unlocked by the DEP on Wednesday.

The pumps have been closed since May, when they were cited by the DEP for being out of compliance with regulations during a routine state inspection. Violations included lack of insurance in the event of a spill, failure to respond to tank alarms and failure to have adequate leak protection.

The dock at the end of Morse street is owned by the town and leased by Ralph Packer of Vineyard Haven, who owns the fueling equipment and the license to operate the pumps.

In a statement, Mr. Coletta said an inspection this week found “they now have the proper insurance, had set-up the leak detector system properly, and now have a system to respond to any alarms from the storage tanks, so we were able to remove the prohibition.”

At a special meeting called Wednesday afternoon by the Edgartown selectmen to discuss the matter, Mr. Packer apologized for the problems.

“This should have been handled long ago,” he said. “It is our responsibility to ensure fuel is supplied in the proper manner. DEP is there now inspecting. I anticipate that when they leave today, they will leave with open pumps.”

Mr. Packer also said it was his fifth attempt to have the DEP open the pumps since they were closed in May.

Selectmen voted to go into a previously scheduled executive session after the meeting to discuss possible litigation. But with the fuel pumps now expected to open this weekend, Mr. Hagerty said any potential court action is on hold.

Mr. Packer is in the ninth year of his second consecutive 10-year lease with the town for use of the gas docks. He said he hopes to renew the lease next year.

On Thursday morning he said he was a few steps closer to offering gas for sale.

“Both gasoline and diesel were delivered this morning,” Mr. Packer said, speaking to the Gazette by phone. “The DEP part has been done, but we want to check out the hoses and make sure everything is working correctly before we start service this weekend.”

With no easy options for purchasing fuel, Edgartown boaters have been scrambling since Memorial Day. Some have been transporting fuel in jerry cans from landside gas stations, while others have made the trek to nearby harbors to fill their tanks.

Oak Bluffs harbor master Todd Alexander confirmed this week that he has seen an uptick in gas sales on his harbor, located about five miles west of Edgartown.

“All those guys that normally get fuel in Edgartown have to go somewhere, so they end up coming here,” Mr. Alexander said. “We’re definitely filling more gallons than our average . . . and the lines are longer than they have been in the past.”

Mr. Packer acknowledged the negative impacts.

“For months . . . . boaters have been very much handicapped by the lack of fuel,” he said.