Names: Hailey and Freya Mayhew.

Age: 7 & 7.

School: West Tisbury School.

Pets: One dog.

Your favorite foods: ice cream (Hailey), cotton candy (Freya).

Something new you are learning: Three digit numbers (Hailey), spelling (Freya).

New place you’d like to explore: jungle (Freya), Iceland (Hailey).

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: Great Rock Bight (Freya), the fair (Hailey).  

What do you think about Cinema Circus? 
Hailey: I like getting my face painted and acting in the show.
Freya: It’s fun to ride Leslie the Lion and eat popcorn with salt. 

Freya: I think that it was cool because it was raindrops that are humans. My favorite part was when they got lifted up in the air and they were going to become more people and get bigger. If the story kept going they would keep going up and make more people that are big.
Hailey: I think this film is about raindrop people. My favorite part was when the boy and girl floated up in the clouds. It was sad because the old man passed away because he was in the sun and dried up. Everyone else ran into the shade where it was raining. I liked this film.

Hailey: I liked that one! My favorite part was when the ant was changing what he was doing. He was probably a part of another group that was fun and he keeps changing the jobs into playing.
Freya: I loved it because it was so awesome! The ant was changing jobs to make it funner. The guard was mad that the ant was changing the colony chores and then the guard started thinking “If I let them have more fun that will make the job quicker and get done!”

Freya: I like that it was creative and that they were dancing together. My favorite part was when the camera people said “get out of the shot”.
Hailey: I liked that it was dancing and it was real. I liked seeing how they made the movie and how they practiced.

Temple of Knowledge
Hailey: I didn’t really like this one. I like a real show not one that is just talking.
Freya: I liked it because before the end started he flew on a book in the air. I think that it means that he loves books a lot and that’s why his dad was the keeper of the library.

The Box
Freya: It was so awesome because he trapped a mouse and wanted to kill it but instead he kept it as a pet.
Hailey: I laughed when the man was fake sleeping and when the mouse shot the crumb back at the guy. 

Hailey: I liked it when the pieces moved from the bumps on the train when they went through the tunnel. My favorite part was when the girl was eating the apple and gulped when the cat took all the pieces.
Freya: 6:1 was super, super awesome because the cat took all her pieces with one piece! I felt awesome because I wanted to be the cat!