Name: Mila Fairstein

Age: 9

School: Millington Elementary

Siblings: Isla, Samuel

Pets: Junie, Luna

Your favorite food: homemade sushi

Something new you are learning: to sail a sunfish

New place you’d like to explore:  Namibia and South Africa

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: There are lots of new friends to meet, places to go and fun beaches.

Doll's Letter
This is a Russian animation. There is a little girl who found a red ribbon when she went on a walk in the city. She tied it into her doll’s hair, got distracted by a bird and starting chasing it, and then the bow untied and she lost it.

The Sheep
The littlest lamb was different than the others in the flock. He was having fun taking risks sliding down a hill, swimming, climbing up walls and bouncing on a bear’s belly. He scared the flock, and got stuck on a tree branch. The bear then helped the flock rescue the little one from danger. I learned from this story that if someone looks mean on the outside that doesn’t mean they can’t become your friend and help you.

The Bumblebee
The flight of the bumblebee is considered impossible because its wings are too small to get its fat little body up in the air. The boy speaking in this film is like a bumblebee, because he doesn’t care what people think is impossible. When the boy was born, the doctors told them he wouldn’t have a normal life. He accomplished everything as if he didn’t have a disability. One day when he grew up he went on a date. The girl said I’ll have a balloon to make it easier to find me. They met and went to the playground and had fun. Everyone is the same but different in their own ways.

Post No Bills
This story is about taking risks. When the billboards were going to be covered, a Chinese food container in one ad jumped through the ads to save a fortune cookie. Together, they jumped through the paper ads and escaped.

You Look Scary
In this film an alligator needs to visit the dentist. The dentist is a bunny and is scared of the alligator. So the bunny is nervous but the alligator is also nervous and scared of the bunny. But the bunny gave the alligator a shot to make his tooth feel better and then the alligator smiled and made the bunny happy. They both overcame their fears and became friends.

The Robot and the Whale
In this silent film a robot and its pet robot dog find a stranded whale on the beach. They wanted to help the whale back in the water. So they tried to push her, the dog tried to dig her out and then the robot used a rope and tied it to the whale’s tail. In the end the mom and baby whale got back together and swam home. The robot and dog never gave up and they tried their hardest.