We saw the babies! When my turkeys came for supper last weekend they brought two of their babies. How adorable. We got some good photos. They returned for breakfast the next morning. Amber Willoughby informs me she has seen many more groups of them up and down Franklin street. I certainly appreciate all of you who a slow down and let the Turks cross on their daily treks.

Speaking of new babies, Tim and Bunny Alfano Wilson of my Old Country sent me the cutest picture of their new grandson, Beckett Scott Barrows, who greeted the world on July 20 weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz. Beckett’s parents are Nathan and Toni. A new little star twinkles in our universe.

It was very hot, but very fun and quite colorful. The Portuguese American feast of the Holy Ghost Society was a sight to behold. Traditional singers and dancers from New Bedford crossed the big water to come help us celebrate. Same time next year.

May I be sentenced to a stalled car in the middle of Five Corners on Labor Day weekend for incorrectly reporting my friend’s graduation. You all remember beautiful Tricia Nelson who grew up here on island? She is now happily married, has two wonderful sons and lives in Texas. Tricia Nelson Valastek has received her diploma in cosmetology. I see photos of her work and wish she lived closer. She can make Quasimodo look like a top model. Continued success and best wishes to this hardworking lady.

The storm Monday night drove my little Silvio crazy. Even with his deafness and blindness he was all atwitter. I lost electricity in Vineyard Haven for about one minute. I hope you fared as well.

Many get well wishes go out today to our friends Sandy Jenkinson Ferreira, Susan Shea and Jackie Belleville. Continued prayers and good wishes to Lee H. McCormack, one of the best minds and men of our community.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Skip Finley on July 23; Karen Gerlach and Robert Radcliffe on July 25; the beautiful Joan Lelacheur on July 26; Megan Honey Baptiste on July 27; Sue Merritt claims July 28; the sun shines on Chris Cimeno on July 29; July 30 is a party for Ashley Meideros, Liz Masi and Jonathan Gardella; Dale Ferry celebrates on July 31, and on August 1st Gisele Nascimento takes the cake. Many happy returns.