The old Memorial Wharf flagpole has a new home — and on a whole different island.

Last winter, Chappaquiddick resident Richard Knight and Chappy Ferry co-owner Peter Wells were at a workshop when they heard that the Memorial Wharf flagpole was being replaced. The old flagpole was languishing in storage at the Edgartown highway department. The pair came up with a better idea.

“We thought that it would be nice to have a flagpole at the Chappy Ferry point,” Mr. Knight said.

After receiving approval from the Edgartown selectmen and conservation commission, the two gave the old flagpole a new paint job, reattached a new gold ball to the top, and equipped it with a new halyard. They then teamed up Erik Gilley, and hoised the flagpole into place on Monday this week.

“It wasn’t hard,” Mr. Knight said.

Mr. Knight said Mr. Wells would be responsible for taking the flag down during the night, and that they would work with Woody Filley to memorialize the structure.

“One of the goals for the flagpole is to use it as a memorial to important people who have contributed to the community of Chappaquiddick,” Mr. Knight said. “We’re not quite sure how that is going to work out yet.”

While the details get finalized, the Chappy flagpole now flies high — a fitting addition to the Edgartown waterfront.