Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films on Wednesday evening at the Chilmark Community Center. The films begin at 6 p.m., but the circus gets underway at 5 p.m. Below are a collection of favorites shown during the summer which will be screened again on Wednesday. A young cineaste gives the details.

Name: Emmett Barrow.

Age: 7.

School: Katonah Elementary School.

Your favorite food: Rare steak.

Something new you are learning: Skunks don’t fart, they spray.

New place you’d like to explore: China.

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: Having a lot of beaches because it’s an island and in the other place I live there aren’t any real beaches.

The Hunt
This film is funny, hilarious and it’ll give you a good LOL. The hunter was super dumb and he just wasn’t looking where his dog was because his leash kept hitting things besides his dog. I liked where the music box was on the moose’s ear and he was chilling out and a few seconds later a car came crashing in. And then the moose was somehow sitting and said, “Ooooh a seat, this is even cooler. La da da da dah dum” I didn’t understand why the wolf wanted to climb the tree instead of eat the bunny and the sheep.

Now that was really awesome. A really good chain reaction. I liked that the one little ant could just make a huge splash and make all of the water move so quickly and I wish I was an ant so I could make that fortress thingy and then bounce on all the stuff there was to bounce on and to float on the leaves. This was a pretty good movie. 

Game Changer
Not good. He kept ruining things for that girl and then he thought about something that made him feel better and then he by accident unplugged the game. Then he put it back on because he thought about tea parties and strong man stuff and changed his mind. I didn’t like that he kept trying to ruin things and was mean. So-so. 

All In Good Time
I really liked the bottles in the beginning. What I thought was super cool was getting to watch the ship sink. I liked that his grandfather had the idea of making the map because if you lived in the past and someone lived in your house in the future you could make something that would show in the future. I didn’t like the sound of the bottle breaking and I didn’t like the sound of the ship sinking. It made me a little sad that they had to “move” but then she got the gear and found the ship. I actually think this is so-so plus one. 

Robot And The Whale
This one made me a little nervous because the mother whale almost died. I liked that whenever the robot got water inside of him he totally flipped out. I didn’t understand how he made the plants grow so quickly and I didn’t understand why the baby plants went out into the wild and some other huge plants that were babies years ago and they are still there. It also made me nervous because the boat almost sank. I give it a small thumb’s up. In this one I felt most like the robot because when cold water touches me I flip out a tiny bit.