With the fair in full swing, it is hard to believe our summer season is fast becoming history. It seems that everyone is entertaining house guests plus going to the fair and, of course, the fireworks tonight.

If this hasn’t been a super busy summer it certainly has been hectic. By next Wednesday, alas, the fair will be but a memory, as most all the trucks, tents and carnival equipment will leave starting on Monday. This weekend and the next two weeks there will be a furious round of season-ending parties.

College students, summer visitors and their children have begun filling the boats everyday, headed in the opposite direction. Many public schools in western Massachusetts and other states will open before the end of the month. By next weekend the seasonal exodus will be well underway. Long lines of people and cars leaving the Steamship Authority docks have been a daily occurrence since last Saturday. We are again reminded of the late Howard Andrew’s famous bumper sticker: Pray for September.

Dorie and Tim Lawson of Sheridan, Wyo. and three of their five children, Rosie, Nat and May, have arrived to visit her parents, David and Rosalee McCullough, and are staying in the Kansas section of town. They are attending the fair, beaches and Flying Horses.

Nicole Alley and her two older boys, Robert and Henry, arrived Monday night for a visit, planning to enjoy the fair, the beach and hanging out. They joined the twins, Eddie and Mark, who came down with their Grandma last Friday and have been to the beach, playground and several other activites.

Mary Ruth Flores of San Antonio, Tex., came up on Tuesday to be with her sister, Katherine, and help her at the fair in the fiber tent as she has done for several years.

Over at the library, Olivia Larsen reports that tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., the library will host a special storytime with author Jacob Kramer. Jacob will read from his new book, Noodlephant, and will lead a noodle-themed craft. This program is recommended for ages 4+. On Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., Felix Neck’s Ryan Ofsthun will visit the library to talk about mammals. Get up close and personal with different Island mammals through specimens, photos and fun information. On Thursday at 4:30 p.m., come to an outdoor rock concert for kids with the Pinkletinks. Seating and dancing is on the grass; if it rains, the concert will be moved to the library’s Community Room.

Happy birthday to: Katherine Long, Nick Van Nes and James Neville today; Sarah Murphy, Michelle Myers and Justine Hull tomorrow; Gerry DeBlois, Christine Napolitan, Shelly Scheuer and Elena Botnari on Sunday; Joe Uva, Eli Berlow and Jennifer Sepanara on Monday; Bruce Marshard, Maureen Hall, Morgan Taylor, Debra Polucci and Robert Francis on Tuesday; Amelia Kauffman, Susie Millett Boaas, Lynn Ditchfield and Jen Zern on Wednesday, and Chelsea Pennebaker, Elizabeth Orcutt, Henry Yager and Robin Canha on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to Colleen Morris.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. Our trivia question comes from 78 years ago: National League umpire Jocko Conlan ejected Pirates manager Frankie Frisch, later fined $50, for coming out on field holding an umbrella to protest the soggy playing conditions during the second game of a doubleheader at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field. The rainy day argument was later portrayed in a painting by what famous artist?

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