In 2015, the Yard invited Ronald K. Brown and his company Evidence to perform on the Vineyard. Those who saw the show still recall it with precision — every move, every moment, every feeling. For those who missed it, there is another chance this Saturday, August 17 at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Brown created his dance company in 1985. Since then it has both evolved and stayed the same, he said.

“It is still about telling a story that lifts you up, and that the audience feels connected to humans onstage, rather than just watching dancers perform.”

For Mr. Brown, there should be no separation between the dancers and the audience, no feeling that the bodies onstage are performing for themselves.

“I tell my dancers there is no fourth wall, that we can see the audience and we want to reach the audience. You dance for them. It is not, watch me dance.”

On Saturday, the dancers will perform two pieces. Grace@20 is an anniversary piece. Some of Mr. Brown’s dancers have been with the company for nearly 20 years and have grown along with the work.

“For me it has become more clear how to coach people, and the movement we do to share it has evolved,” Mr. Brown said.

In Grace, “four angels come to down to Earth to talk to people who do not understand God’s grace,” Mr. Brown said. Recently, he created a companion piece to accompany the older work. Mercy includes the music of Meshell Ndegeocello and had its world premiere this July at Bard College.

Both Grace@20 and Mercy will be performed on Saturday.

Mr. Brown and his company have spent the last two weeks on the Vineyard, rehearsing these and new works. He has also taught a community dance class.

“We were teaching adults and there was a children’s dance camp at the same time so after a bit we asked them to join the class and about 20 kids came over. It was beautiful.”