Adorable schnoodle Chappy has moved on to his forever home. Here’s to many years of happiness for all parties. And blue-eyed Siamese mix Jack was snapped up by someone who fell head over heels for him.

Who wants a kitten? We have two adorable 13-week-old male kittens available for adoption. Both are sweet, affectionate and playful kittens. Come on down and get your new best friend, they’re waiting for you. (There is an adoption pending on at least one of these cuties.)

We have a gem of a calico looking for a home. She’s a petite two-year-old, with polydactyl paws and golden eyes to match her orange markings. She’s a very sweet and gentle girl.

If you love orange male cats, come meet Mr. Adventure. He’s a smaller boy with that awesome orange male personality, still young at heart at thirteen. He’s been declawed so he must be an indoor cat. This guy adores everyone and just wants someone to love him back.

And now for the tabbies. The cat room is filled with four tabby cats waiting for homes. Mr. Softee is the green-eyed male. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat, only two, with the softest coat ever, and very affectionate. He’s also polydactyl for those of you who love double-pawed cats. Tootsie is a friendly six-year-old indoor cat who is very sweet and affectionate, but can be a little shy at times. She has white paws and white underpinnings, as well as pretty green eyes. Carly is seven and would do best as an only cat since she likes to eat ALL the food. She’s also on the shy side but is very sweet and wants affection. The last tabby girl is six-year-old Holly. She’s been here well over a year and really needs to find her permanent home. Come meet this crew and see if one of them could be the one for you.

Who wants a Guinea pig(s)? We currently have two available for adoption. The boy is black and white and the girl is gray and white. Both have a rosette on top of their heads. These piggies have been hand raised and enjoy being held and played with. Come get one and have some fun!

The shelter will be hosting another K-9 Kindergarten beginning in September. This is a free four week class that teaches socialization and basic obedience. Only five puppies are accepted per session so contact the shelter to get your name on the list.

If anyone is in need of dog food, we have plenty and are happy to share. Just stop in during regular Shelter hours. And if anyone needs any crates, please stop in to pick some up. And we are always taking jewelry donations for next year’s Garden Party.

We still need adult volunteers to answer the phone and meet and greet people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. Can you help? If interested, give us a call or stop by for more information.