Nancy Ameen purchased 458 North Road in Chilmark from Robert L. Ameen for $560,000 on August 23.


AMAA Holdings Inc. purchased 36 Boylston street in Edgartown from Gerald F. Shimoda-Peterson and Diane Shimoda-Peterson for $95,000 on August 19.

Ramis Duraku purchased 9 Wood Duck Circle in Edgartown from Joseph R. Jokubaitis and the Phillip Andreson Estate for $630,000 on August 19.

4 Jordan Way Residence Trust Number One and 4 Jordan Way Residence Trust Number Two purchased 4 Jordan Way in Edgartown from MRK Mullen Realty LLC and the Talbot J. Young Jr. Trust for $2,750,000 on August 21.

Camilla C. Haddad purchased 57 Chase Road in Edgartown from 
Kenneth C. Galley and Aushra R. Galley for $480,000 on August 22.

Oak Bluffs

Rodney Firmin and David Ingram purchased 29 Rogers Way in Oak Bluffs from R&R Realty Trust Inc. for $365,000 on August 19.

Edward F. Perry 4th purchased 0 California avenue and 0 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from the Thomas J. Rapone Trust, the Ebert/Perry Family Realty Trust and Edward F. Perry for $110,000 on August 21.

Island Elderly Housing Inc. purchased 0 Oxford avenue in Oak Bluffs from Kelly Dumeer Trueb for $230,000 on August 22.

John Joseph Cabral and Meghan Lee Cabral purchased 11 Winthrop avenue in Oak Bluffs from the Nancy R. Giordano Trust and O&M Realty Trust for $635,000 on August 23.