The air is getting to be autumn like and leaves are already changing on some trees. If the hurricane arrives it will obviously all change. For now, the post Labor Day quiet is being absorbed by quite a few across the Vineyard.

There are many free great programs at the Aquinnah Public Library. Check the Gazette calendar to see them all.

The exhibit Our Story opens on Sept. 5 at the Aquinnah Cultural Center. On Saturday at 5 p.m. Paula Peters, a Mashpee Wampanoag and co-creator of the exhibit, will talk about the impact of 400 years of colonization on the Wampanoag people. The talk will be held after the closing of the first day of the Pow Wow.

Our Story is an interactive traveling exhibit told in the native voice which shines a light on historic events that had a significant impact on the Wampanoag tribe, their relationship with the Mayflower Pilgrims, and the founding of Plymouth Colony, cornerstone events that shaped America’s earliest beginnings. It was designed to bring to light key legacies of America’s earliest beginnings from the Wampanoag perspective, a voice largely silenced in the colonial narrative.

In conjunction with the Aquinnah Energy Committee, the center is organizing an Earth First event at sunrise at Aquinnah Circle. Friday, Sept. 20 is the first day of the Global Climate Strike. More details will appear next week. If you would like to help, call Mitzi Pratt at 508-645-3035. This is a youth-led movement, though adults owe them strong support.

Kayla Darcy and her daughter Kylee returned home on Monday after traveling to Saginaw, Mich., for the past week to visit grandmother/great-grandmother Lorna Freeman and extended family. On their way home they spent Sunday night with Bill and Joan Kistner in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Tuesday, it was off to school for Kylee as she begins kindergarten at the West Tisbury School.

Kathy Kendrick is enjoying summer at her Pancake Hollow home.

If you happen to go to the new Martha’s Vineyard Museum, look for the Carol Ann Vandal photograph taken by Dan Waters for his Face Value exhibit that will be on display through Nov. 24.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Gerald A. Maciel who died on August 21. In the early 1970s he worked with us at the Ocean View. Always receiving calls about the weekend entertainment, one time Gerry replied it would be Fleetwood Mac and we all broke out in laughter knowing very well they would not be there. For a brief time he lived with the Rose family. Gerry was a bus driver of all bus drivers. For many years he enjoyed travel off-Island especially with the sports teams. He will be greatly missed, especially by the hundreds of Vineyard students he transported over the years.

Happy 50th anniversary to Jim and Deborah Athearn as they celebrated their special day on August 30.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Christopher and Barbara Murphy who celebrate on Sept. 6.

Happy eighth anniversary to Chelsea Ives and Sean Kelley on Sept. 10.

Happy 10th anniversary to Jesse Wiener and Maggie Anderson on Sept. 12.

Happy 45th anniversary to Thomas and Christine Murphy on Sept. 14.

Happy birthday to Noah Thomas Kausch as he celebrated his seventh birthday on Sept. 5. Noah is the son of Tim and Kate Murphy Kausch and grandson of Thomas and Christine Murphy.

Happy birthday to Sophie Stone Ginsberg who turns one on Sept. 8. She is the daughter of David and Lauren (Moxie) Ginsberg.

In other birthday news, Matthew Seeman will party on Sept. 10; John McKinstry will party on Sept. 12; Seamus Ritter Mahoney turns nine on Sept. 13; Christine Katilus will celebrate her special day on Sept. 14 and shares the with Geraldine Brooks.