It’s been a good week for Guinea pig adoptions. Big Mama and Potato were adopted together, and the little gray and white boy found his forever home at the Montessori School. We have one more black and white boy with a rosette looking for a home.

I’d like to introduce our newest resident. His name is Wally and he’s a seven-year old cat with a long black coat and luminous green eyes. This boy is an indoor cat, up-to-date on all his shots and an absolute doll.

We have two calicos with wonderful personalities seeking forever homes. Lucy is an indoor cat, she’s about four and has beautiful blue eyes. Her coloration is unusual as well. She’s still acclimating to her new surroundings and is feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Cali is a petite, indoor cat, only two years of age. She’s double pawed, and has eyes that can be either gold or green, depending on the light.

Orange male cat lovers come get Mr. Adventure. He’s a smaller boy with that wonderful orange male personality, still young at heart at thirteen. He’s been declawed so he must be an indoor cat.

Tabby cat lover come on down. The cat room is filled with four tabby cats waiting for homes. Mr. Softee is the green-eyed male is fabulous. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat, only two, with the softest coat ever, and very affectionate. He’s also polydactyl for those of you who love double pawed cats. Tootsie is a friendly, six-year old, indoor cat who is very sweet and affectionate, but can be a little shy at times. She has white paws and white underpinnings, as well as pretty green eyes. Carly is seven and would do best as an only cat. She’s a little bit shy, but is very sweet and wants affection. The last tabby girl is six-year old Holly. She’s been here well over a year and really needs to find her permanent home.

The Shelter will be hosting another K-9 Kindergarten beginning in September. The class is free and runs for four weeks and teaches socialization and basic obedience. Only five puppies are accepted per session.