The record book on August has closed. We all enjoyed a gorgeous Labor Day weekend — cookouts and outdoor activities, including the beach, were the order of the day. Business at the Dumptique was brisk as a fair amount of people were dropping off items they enjoyed over the summer but no longer need. Sunday was National Grandparents Day. School buses are now on the road, so be prepared stop when you see red flashing lights.

Around this time of the year Joe Howes would remind people of an old saying that has proved to be quite true over the years: You can tell what the coming winter will be like by how large the area of black is on the first white caterpillar you see in fall.

Denise Mount and her husband Don Evon of Canton, Conn., and Tom Majeski and Vicki Galler of Boston visited us for a few days last week.

Andrew ORielly and his mother Jean and sister Molly returned home to Dublin, Ohio, yesterday after visiting with her sister Eleanor on Flat Point Farm. Andrew was kept busy mowing the lawn and driving his aunt to many of her appointments.

Anna Alley reports that we will be having houseguests this weekend: her cousin Jessica Hall from Manchester, England, is arriving for a visit.

Dick Reische reports that his granddaughter Heather Reische, age 10, snagged not one but two brass rings at the Flying Horses. Heather and her family were here visiting her grandparents. She said the brass rings would look good on a necklace.

Naomi Plakins arrived on Sunday to spend at least a month at her Middle Road home.

Susan Sanford, CEO and president of Vineyard Complementary Medicine, has announced the relocation of their main office to Post Office Square in Edgartown. The new office will open on Sept. 17, with an open house scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 5. They are not leaving this town entirely as they will maintain a satellite office here for their up-Island clients.

Olivia Larsen over at the library reports on two activities this week: Tomorrow from 3:30 to 5 p.m. the library will host an opening reception for Island photographer Kim McCarthy in honor of her exhibit, Martha’s Vineyard Today. Kim’s work will be displayed in the Community Room through the month of September. On Tuesday from noon to 1:30 p.m., come by the library for the monthly wellness clinic. Get your blood pressure checked and answers to medical questions. Also on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. Judith Baumrin will present her newly released memoir, A Practice.

Happy birthday to: Frank Flanders, Michael Jackson, Cheryl Larsen and Sig Van Rann today; Mary Bergeron, Iwan Tol and Olivia Larsen tomorrow; Harry Athearn, Dan Larkosh, Elizabeth Pickett Gray, Pat Mc Mahon and Joan Murphy on Sunday; Ben Sweet, Joanne Rice and Owen Jones on Monday; Dot Fisher, Dan Larsen and Scott Campbell on Tuesday; Bob Holt, Ann Evasick, Maria McFarland and Paul Schneider on Wednesday; Tim Barnett, Lauren Beford and Deborah Shipkin on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to Andrew O’ Reilly and Bob Pacheco.

Well, that is all the social news for this week. If you have any news, please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.