Instead of the red carpet, arriving guests walked a long green lawn to the Dressed MV fashion show held Saturday evening at Vineyard Arts Project in Edgartown.

Dress for the occasion ranged from full Derby, complete with logo cap and 2019 badge on at least one fisherman, to designer gowns with statement jewelry and elegant hairstyles.

Rachael Convery wore a slim black dress with matching long gloves, a feathered fascinator clipped to the side of her short hair. She’d designed and created the adornment herself, said Ms. Convery, who works at the Boneyard during the Vineyard season and spends winters in New Orleans.

“I’m kind of living the Persephone lifestyle,” she said, as her peacock feather bobbed in the breeze. Elsewhere in the crowd, a smiling Leif Counter accessorized his short-sleeved, button-front white shirt with a striped knit cap and a casually tossed scarf.

After sipping wine and Perrier in the autumn air, the audience entered a Vineyard Arts dance studio where the floor-level runway led back and forth between rows of back-to-back folding chairs. A wall of mirrors doubled the crowd and reflected the beams from powerful white lights on stands as ambient music rippled from the DJ’s sound system.

Fashion show director and Dressed MV magazine editor Trena Morrison was constantly in motion behind the scenes, in an adjoining practice studio where shoji screens and papered windows concealed the flurry of models and stylists amid racks of clothes and counters spread with hair and makeup tools.

Audience members had their smart phones at the ready, snapping and capturing video as the music pumped and the models strolled from end to end of each row of chairs.

Several Martha’s Vineyard businesses and numerous volunteer models took part in the fashion show, partial proceeds from which were to benefit the Vineyard Committee on Hunger. The event represented the return of Martha’s Vineyard Fashion Week after a two-year hiatus.