Pale golden sunlight falls across the trees as they begin their autumnal change. From a different perspective, the sunlight sinks low in the sky and shines like twinkling diamonds across the water leaving the jetty fishermen as darkened silhouettes picturesque and surreal. Rods, tips to the sky unless bent with a fish on, line the jetty, waiting with anticipation as their bearers engage in conversation about keepers and breaks, bones and albies, turning tides and weather.

These are the derby days we live for.

West Tisbury School sixth graders have returned from their adventure at Alton Jones, the University of Rhode Island’s environmental education center. Chilmark kiddo, Emily Boyd, along with friend and classmate, Lucy Gannon, reported back about their time spent broadening their classroom experience in the great outdoors. The challenge course was definitely a highlight with its team building, trust, risk taking and positive peer interaction. While they shared that it was generally good overall, Emily said getting stung by a yellow jacket was a low point. Fortunately, the story about the sting prompted giggles so clearly this one bitter moment was overshadowed by the good.

Peter Ruimerman has been in London for about a month now. He toured around getting the lay of the land before settling in to a year of classes at the London School of Economics. I’m so pleased he’s sharing highlights of his adventure via pictures.

The CCC was bustling with excitement and activity last Wednesday evening as retiring fire chief David Norton was celebrated for his years of service and dedication. Folks bellied up to the raw bar, enjoyed delicious appetizers and cookies. The walls were lined with photos documenting the past few decades and included some fine and dedicated old faces, including Uncle Bob Flanders, Basil Welch, George Szilassy and Ozzie Fischer to name a few.

Memories, kind thoughts and words of wisdom lined the keepsake book as the evening rolled on. David admits to not being a superb public speaker, but nevertheless rose to the occasion in a way that would have made his mother proud. Special guest, grandson Liam Larsen, kept the crowd in smiles as he frolicked around the venue. Heartfelt congratulations on a job well done, David. And welcome to the new fire chief, Jeremy Bradshaw.

Give a call to the fire station 508-645-2550 if you’re interested in giving back to your community by becoming a volunteer.

Being a part of the US Coast Guard auxiliary is an integral part of their mission in our maritime community. For many, achieving the rating of coxswain is a major goal. Many tasks must be completed including 28 in-service hours as a member of a boat crew and successful completion of the Coast Guard incident command system training. Then there is the supposed easy stuff like demonstrating good boat handling skills, search and rescue ability, an exam on the navigation rules and more. Tim Carroll has completed all of these tasks and, in return, has been awarded his coxswains pin which he can wear proudly on his crisp blue uniform. Congratulations.

It’s October and time to quietly start thinking about candy and trick or treaters. Yes, we have a few weeks, but if you haven’t been on the list of folks willing to get a knock on the door come Oct. 31 from ghouls, ghosts, fairies and pirates in search of treats, then please think about it and let me know if you’ll have your light on. The list of participating houses has grown over the years so consider joining in the fun.

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